Is bridge worth learning

The first week was mini bridge with no auction, just the person with the highest card points was declarer. There are six of us in the class, so we played in groups of three. My husband didn’t hate it, but he’s pretty familiar with trick play already. Next week we are learning about trump, still no auction. The last six weeks will be learning more about the auction process (which is what I most want to learn more about).

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This is an interesting learning progression.

For those unfamiliar with trick-taking games, it’s probably important to get that out of the way.

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I think defense in bridge is an under appreciated art. Everybody wants to play well when they’re declarer, of course, but you’re statically going to be on defense twice as much as you’ll be declarer.

Good defense is as important as good offense. There’s more variables when you’re declarer, but I think it’s sometimes easier to overlook something when you’re defending. (Either forgetting to signal your partner or failing to pick up your partner’s signals to you so that you or your partner know what to lead when one of you does take a trick.)

That said, it’s been a while since I’ve played bridge, so my defense is probably terrible at the moment. It’s just an observation I remember having back when I was playing regularly.

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There is party bridge and competitive bridge. I’d be delighted to play a single table of party bridge with @NerdAlert or any interested beginner. Helping people learn stuff is fun. But i wouldn’t want to play at a competitive club with someone who is still mastering the idea of taking tricks and bidding. It would slow the play, and be frustrating, not only for me but for the other tables.

@NerdAlert , I’m going to be pretty tied up until June, but i really would love to play with you sometime. My preference would be to run a video conference (zoom, or whatever) for the social aspect, talking, etc., and use bridge base online for the actual play.

Got this in an e-mail today (from the ACBL):

Here is the link to the course: Intro to Bridge • American Contract Bridge League

The “Tel me more” button takes you to the same place.

I post it only as a possible resource. I know nothing about it.