Iranian president in helicopter crash: May 19, 2024

I really hope this is not due to internal Iranian politics.

The President and FM of Iran are missing (and likely presumed dead) from the crash.

This opens the door for more extreme politicians to take their places (these guys were not moderates but they were not super extreme either).

Helicopter Carrying Iran’s President Has Crashed, State Media Reports

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This is very new news. It’s not yet clear if anyone is dead, or even injured, although lack of radio confirmation that they are okay and waiting for rescue suggests it’s not great.

Iran Says Helicopter Carrying Its President Is Missing After ‘Difficult Landing’

I hope this doesn’t become the Francis Ferdinand incident of our time.

I really hope this is just an accident.

Al Jazeera says that due to embargoes, Iran finds it hard to buy new aircraft and new parts, and a lot of their helicopters are from before the 1979 revolution, and aircraft crashes are really common.

But their app sucks, and I’m having trouble posting a link. You might be able to find it here. It maybe not. :woman_shrugging:

Iran helicopter accident live news: President Raisi, FM on missing aircraft

Man if they didn’t jail so many journalists maybe we’d know where he is by now


I’m unsure how that would go. Iranians have internet access and lots and lots of friends and family living abroad. I’m not sure there’s the desire to go more extreme. I wonder where we’d be today if Trump hadn’t of insisted on taking steps backward after Obama. From the sounds of it, I think the US and Iran were working together through back channels in Syria(?) awhile ago. It seems like there’s potential to get back to reasonable relations.

The moderates lost a lot of influence when Trump torpedoed the nuclear deal.

The more extreme folks used the issue to push the moderates out, and then put their own people into positions of influence at various levels of Government.

There is no real trust left there (in relation to US)

I don’t see the politics moderating at this point in time.

Arguably, the more extreme folks in Iran were right. It was foolish for Iran to trust the US to follow through on their agreements. There’s been a long history of mistreatment and it will take a long time to rebuild relations.


They have now been confirmed dead.

Raisi was a horrible person, known as “The Butcher of Tehran”. While Iranians place the number of political prisoners he was responsible for executing at around 3,000, other external sources place the number at over 30,000.

The difference between “moderates” that are allowed to run for office in Iran and conservatives is the moderates are willing to lie and make nice before they try to shoot us. The conservatives are more openly hostile.

True moderates and reformers aren’t allowed to run for office by the mullahs.

Rouhani was a “moderate” and he was President.

But like I said, when Trump torpedoed the nuclear deal they lost a lot of influence.

Now they are blocked from running by the establishment which has been stacked with more extreme people.

This is hardly surprising given what the US did to the JCPOA.

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