Iran Attacks Israel


Yes. Everybody takes the destruction of a diplomatic mission seriously because if you don’t, the next Consulate that could be targeted and destroyed could be yours.

And you really don’t have the manpower to defend all diplomatic facilities that represent you abroad as a country. You wouldn’t want to anyways (as that would mean you could not deploy your military to the real problem areas).

Thats one of the reasons why the Vienna convention exists. Even Russia, North Korea, and [insert autocracy here] respect that.

One of my parents was stationed in Iran (Diplomat) for several years, and their current leaders are very much of the hardliner variety. There was a rapprochement when Obama was in power, which strengthened the moderates, but that evaporated then Trump and Bibi destroyed the nuclear accords.

The hardliners have zero trust in the US now (can’t blame them really), and the moderates (they still exist) are mostly keeping quiet because they do not want to be politically targeted domestically. I don’t see them gaining political power anytime soon. They lost a lot of political capital due to the US torpedoing the nuclear accord.

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This really made depressing reading today.

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IMO, Trump was unfairly targeted by the media
because he has a big mouth and says stupid things. That doesn’t apply to my views on him now - I think he’s gone off the deep end since he lost the election.
But back to my first statement - I actually think Trump accomplished a lot in his 4 years. He got the economy to a great place. He made real strides towards peace in the Middle East with the Abraham Accords.
Biden has given us inflation and more inflation. Increased prices everywhere that can’t only be blamed on inflation. A world that is close to erupting.
Now, as I said, I don’t think Trump is thinking straight right now, but if it comes down to Biden vs Trump, I’ll either vote third party or Trump.
I actually really wanted Haley to win the Republican nomination - I changed my party affiliation just so I could vote for her in the primary. I’m still holding out hope that something will happen that makes Trump drop out, and Haley gets the Republican nod.

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That seems fair to me: Open mouth, say stupid things (actually, so many that the media cannot keep up), expect some criticism.

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That seems to be working out really well these days.

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I’m fairly conservative, but come on… the inflation is the expected / predicted / predictable result of all that stimulus coupled with the pandemic-shutdown-caused supply chain issues. That’s in no way Biden’s fault and would be identical had Trump won in 2020.


Yes, it would be nice to have a sane Republican candidate for the first time in 12 years. I voted for Nikki Haley too after my preferred candidate (Chris Christie) dropped out. (I wasn’t super enamored with him either but definitely the best of the field and Haley was the second-best.)

Yeah the 10% inflation was a COVID consequence that was pretty bipartisan in origin.

The 3-4% we keep seeing rather than being closer to the 2% fed target? I’m sure that ties back to Biden’s record deficit reduction resulting in 1-2T ongoing deficits.

We do have a lot of jobs, and wages seem like they are ahead of inflation, so its bit of a miss to focus on just the one metric.

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Yeah. No.

The last trillion $ stimulus package would not have been passed had Trump won. Adding that much demand into a supply restricted economy was foolish and called out by Democratic economic advisers ahead of time as such. Yes, some inflation was coming due to the COVID stimulus packages. But not 10%. And the “Inflation Reduction Act” was a joke. Frigging green power giveaway under a flat lie of a name that was projected to slightly raise or have no effect on inflation.

Now do the GOP’s and Trump’s tax cut for the top earners.

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On the Iran attack

I can’t give them credit for back channel communications. Everyone knew a significant response was coming from the moment the strike hit the consulate building in Damascus. They needed to posture, and they did. Maybe went a little to far in volume, but that’s debatable. Hopefully everyone can back off now.

As far Iran’s being upset about a diplomatic building being hit? Really? These are the same people responsible for the Beirut embassy/barracks bombing in '83. AREGENTINA found Iran was behind the '92 and '94 bombings of Israeli diplomatic buildings. Just the Argentinian strikes left over 100 dead and 300 wounded. Let me find my tears for the military men using the Iranian facility to plan continuing trikes against Northern Israel.


41 years ago. The same people? I guess some may still be in power.

I don’t think it’s obvious what Trump would have done?

I also don’t think it’s obvious whether the big stimulus was a bad idea.

The US economy is kicking Europe’s ass right now. Of course nobody can say exactly why, but the massive stimulus likely had something to do with it.


Trump would have passed on the opportunity to sign more stimulus checks? I’m skeptical.

I’m not skeptical that it was irresponsible. I’m skeptical that Trump wouldn’t have been just as irresponsible as Biden was.


Billionaires. We have the best billionaires obviously. /s

While this is 100% true, that debt-fueled expansion is going to hurt when that debt needs to be refinanced.

And if Trump is in power…he is probably going to blow up the deficit further.

Targeting a diplomatic site was reckless any way you slice it.

You don’t encourage your “friends” to behave this way because its simply destructive to your own foreign

And yes, US foreign policy is not simply about Israel. Israel’s behavior has damaged US soft power in the region.

Its also become increasingly clear they are becoming more of a strategic liability to the US than a strategic asset. Time will tell how that pans out given Bibi’s destructive direction of travel.

This is why Biden made it absolutely clear that while they would help “defend” Israel, they would not support any offensive operations against Iran.

Just to add:

Israel going to “war” with Iran is fantasyland without US help. They simply cannot afford the expense. Iran’s response (which was not large) cost Israel $1bn to respond to. Israel would simply be economically crippled due to the cost of munitions over time without massive US help.

The same thing happened in the last war with Hezbollah. They ran out of Iron Dome missiles because the US could not supply them with more.

The US deficit has exploded due to the Trump tax cuts and the heavy public spending subsidies.

I would expect Trump to do everything in his power to make his own position better off (hence more tax cuts coming up).

The more I think about it, the more I am convinved the US is headed for a budgetary crisis with Trump in power.

this will happen no matter the president