Internet offline in canada

Surprised theres no thread in this yet, but Canada is almost without internet. And like, all of Canada. One of the two primary providers is completely offline. Internwt access, email, cell, 911, everything. And has been since last night.

Stores are cash only. Banks are offline. Phones down.

I’m guessing a foreign govt hack, but no word yet on either recovery time, or cause. That alone smells fisht to me, this looks like a system wide problem, not a guy with a backhoe.

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You should check online to see if there is any news…oh wait…


This certainly won’t help Rogers’ multibillion dollar bid for Shaw! Calls in some quarters for public, in addition to or instead of private, ownership of the enabling infrastructure……

Are there any buying opportunities for Americans with functional credit cards?

Can we stock up on toques? Can we corner the market on hockey pucks? Maybe get a sale price on a Tim Horton’s franchise?

is this just a flex post?

Maybe those beavers running on treadmills up there powering the internet just got old/tired.

Wouldnt most people who would know about this to make a thread be like unable to?

This is first im hearing it from America.

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Tim Hortons is apparently packed today. Everyone there to work and freeload on their WiFi.

Definitley more people at sbux this aft compared to usual.

The NHL draft today (took place in Montreal) was a bit more chaotic than usual

Interac going down, while CC were working was surprising.

If the internet is down in Canada how are all the canadians posting right now?

Bell Canada is my ISP.

Telus is my provider so I am not directly affected.

My internet is offline but my cell works.

While the reason behind the outage is still unknown, a spokesperson for Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino confirmed to CTV News that the outage was not due to a cyberattack.

…so, incompetence?

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Someone had better say ‘sorry’ for this one!

Fortunately, most Canadians are stuck at airports waiting on connecting flights or long security lines, and therefore weren’t inconvenienced by internet outages at home.