Interesting feature

This website lets me see how long I’ve spent on it, in my profile. That means I can see how much of my life I’ve wasted on here. Cool.

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yes, and you also can see how long everyone else wastes on here too.

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I wonder how it measures it — is it like Steam where I fall asleep playing Civ VI it counts those 6 hours as in the game/

Yeah… On another site i got a weird message from another user talking about how we are two of the people who are there late at night, and she finds it comforting to see me there, too, and I decided not to tell her that i leave my laptop logged on with 1000 pages open, and I’m not actually there…

tell her. watch and laugh as her dreams and hopes shatter

your online status doesn’t time out when you’re not actually active? it does on the ao.

This reminds me of a thread on the twins forum Mrs. Hoffman used to frequent where they once talked about how many tabs people had opened, and the consensus was that >8 was too many.

And then one of the moms posted a screenshot where at the time she had - and this is not an exaggeration - 162 tabs open. She had them organized so she didn’t have to worry about finding bookmarks or remembering website names or anything like that.

This is my spouse (or their even weirder alt)! They have 8 windows, one in each quadrant of their two monitors, and 10-15 tabs on each. If I need to use their computer for something, I have to open a new window so that I don’t mess up their organization system :dizzy_face: