Got it. All your gods are arabic.

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Maybe the clock is upside down on purpose. Back in 2009, I used to use Facebook with all the words upside down.

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Does this count as Innumeracy?

The full banner should read “Be Part of the Solution!”


Well, they have certainly written part of the solution


HEY, square that ‘a’ and ‘b’!!!"

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At least one comment in response suggested the OP was trolling.


2 tickets at $17 each
4 interest-free payments of $15 with Affirm.

If the interest-free payments are every 10 years, I’ll take that option.

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Well, there’s that.

Ok, maybe this is not directly innumeracy, per se, but it still a WTF number moment.

That hippy-dippy whole body deodorant called Lume is $16.50 for a small 2.2oz tube. That works out to $120 per pound. For that amount, I’ll just let myself stink.


Haven’t you always done that?

Asking for a friend.

Which is what a true hippy-dippy would do. :judge:

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No, I’m an over-showering, deo & aftershave wearing over-corrector.

I just would not have been able to answer the question “What costs $120 per pound at Target” and now I can and the answer is new-fangled pit cream aka NEO-DEO.

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that’s like what beef jerky costs!

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Do they make filet mignon jerky?

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It’s like a couple of bunches of bananas…

Wagyu jerky?

My reasons are my own :wink:

Lume is a local dispensary.

Sure you’re not getting “special deodorant”? That would explain $120/pound.

RN :smiley: