Inflatable kayak

Anyone have recommendations? Prefer one that is durable and doesn’t leak/explode after the third use…

Did a quick search online and price can range from ~150 to >1000, so I have no idea what to look for…

How do you plan to use it? We have whitewater ones we like if you plan on running rivers.

nothing too crazy. just wanna sit in the lake from time to time and chill. not a lot of scratch risk I don’t think. a lazy river kinda deal

I always just rent one where I am taking off from

that’s certainly an option, but it does add up. Last time I did it was close to $60. Do it a few times and you might as well just buy one.

What about the foldable Oru Kayak?

They look cool…but they look…kinda weird and flimsy. I guess I’ll have to try one to know, and I can’t just try one…because I’ve never seen one in person.

Does anyone have one of these? Are they sturdy?

Got ya, we have one of those too. If you have a costco membership, they have reasonable ones that are affordable. think if you are mostly enjoying a beverage on a lake no need to go high end.

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ooo I’ll have to check out costco then

Why inflatable? To make it easier to store?

(We have two rigid plastic kayaks in the garage, and they are very simple to strap on top of the car and take someplace. And they were cheap)

yeah, I live in a one bedroom condo and don’t have too much storage.

I wanna be able to put inside my car trunk (I have a coupe so strapping on doesn’t seem doable), or just carry it and walk to the lake.

I suspect you’re going to get a crappy experience with an inflatable. If you don’t have room to store a decent one, just continue renting.

Yeah? Do you have experience with one? How does it compare? What are the issues?

One other issue with renting is you have sneak alcohol through and I just don’t wanna deal with that.

If you want a nice quality one, just search for white water inflatable kayaks. Those are meant to be a little thicker and handle some bumps against rocks and such. I grew up white water rafting in one and never had any issues. You’ll want a pump that connects to your car, and then a hand pump to top it off.

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didn’t even know this was a thing, good to know!

Yeah, otherwise you’ll be too tired to go out on the lake after pumping it up by hand :rofl:

Note: We did not get those electric pumps growing up. My dad just made the kids pump everything up by hand, and we had the full sized rafts in addition to a few inflatable kayaks.

my car came with an electronic tire pump (with an attachable additional hole sealant).

I can see that would work if the valve fits, but would be concerns of over inflating

Oh yeah, I have a portable car jumper that has an air pump too with a measure. Perfecto

every time I see this thread title I inevitably think of this song: