If you married someone based on your favourite cuisine?

I would marry an Indian or Vietnamese woman. lol

I would get a harem, need variety


Can you marry a panda bear, or is that illegal?

Your favourite food is bamboo?

Italian! But English food is better than its reputation…

Does fast food count as a cuisine?

Are we talking like Five Guys or like McDonalds…?

I was thinking more like In-n-Out burger

I think I’d just label that American

Someone from the Lollipop Guild, if the cuisine can be expanded to be more general such as “sweets/desserts”.

America is a big place man

Hmm, a Mexican, Korean, Chinese, German immigrant?

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I used to work with a woman who was Vietnamese, but she largely grew up in China before moving to the US. Her husband is from… I want to say Kenya, but he was raised in India. I always wanted to go to dinner at their house!

But she lived in Los Angeles and I was in Denver and we never made dinner happen.


It’s just gonna be some general tso’s and a side of In-N-Out


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See, Stu has quite the cookbook repertoire

had a pretty nice Cuban stew the other day. Not quite sure what was in it. Pork… and some other stuff. We were eating it for three days.

So, I’m saying, find somebody who can actually cook. Turns out it’s a skill. That can be learned,.

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I’d just marry someone who can cook. And who likes to cook.

Ok and I just read mpc’s post.

I think I’ll marry someone who enjoys cooking, and enjoys my cooking, and also enjoys eating out the same kind of food I like (mostly asian)