If you could know the date of your death or method, which would you choose?

I guess it would have been interesting to ask the Method question, say in 1990, and get “COVID-19”.

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Yeah, plus you get the whole “You’ve got esophageal cancer! Well, I guess that’s it then. But we can cure you with a 98% success rate” and so you do but then you’re part of the 2% or you’re part of the 98% this time and then ten years down the road you get skin cancer and that manages to do you in debacle.

Also, “This Is How You Die: Stories of the Inscrutable, Infallible, Inescapable Machine of Death”. Both are very worth the money and the read. His choose-your-own-adventure books are well worth it, also. Romeo And/Or Juliet and To Be or Not to Be

(where tf did the Hamlet book go? It’s not behind me like the others.)

The 2 Machine of Death books are anthologies by various people but his brainchild. I also recommend Randall Munroe’s How To, What If?, and (not as excellent) What If? 2.

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God accounting for how Rastlin tries to outsmart God…

God: you’ll die 40 years.
Rastlin, I’ll commit suicide in 30 years.
God: you’ll die 30 years.
Rastlin, i’ll commit suicide in 20 years.
God: you’ll die 20 years.
Rastlin, i’ll commit suicide in 15 years.
God: you’ll die 15 years.
Rastlin, i’ll commit suicide in 10 years.
God: you’ll die 10 years.
Rastlin, i’ll commit suicide in 5 years.
God: you’ll die 5 years.
Rastlin, i’ll commit suicide in 4 years.
God: you’ll die 4 years.
Rastlin, i’ll commit suicide in 3 years.
God: you’ll die 3 years.
Rastlin, i’ll commit suicide in 2 years.
God: you’ll die 2 years.
Rastlin, i’ll commit suicide this year.
God: you’ll die tomorrow.
Rastlin, I’ll commit suicide today.

God: you’ll die today.
Rastlin: well shit.

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Think it typically has to be 2+ years after taking a life insurance policy out, otherwise, yep.

I believe they usually pay out double for an accident too, I’d try to make it look like such.

A really long time. It doesn’t even know how to properly calculate the present value of a life annuity. The public facing version, at least, isn’t very capable.

When I posted my preference of “date”, I initially was going to add “…and then I’d do all sorts of fun, risky-seeming activities, safe in the knowledge that they won’t kill me”.

Then I remembered: knowing when I am to die wouldn’t preclude the possibility of my spending a portion of the time until then in a coma, or living in excruciating pain, or…

I’m still sticking with “date”, as that is at least usable information.

I feel like date would ruin my mental health if it turned out to be below average, and i would be a wreck if it was under say 50 years old. Its probably all Id think about, so its a risky choice.