If you could know the date of your death or method, which would you choose?

Suppose you could know the date of your death, +/- 15 days (a one-month window).

Or you could know the method of your death, like accidental gunshot, heart failure, poisoning, decapitation, etc.

Which would you choose? Why?

safe to say neither is an option?

i guess date w ranges. only knowing means would be awful. “car accident” would make daily life kind of tricky until it came through.

that said if it was certain to occur, i would ask if i can hasten it myself if I felt so-compelled and was within the window.

Neither is not an option. Somehow someone has irrefutable incentive to force you to learn one or the other. Maybe they drugged you, kidnapped you, and won’t release you until you choose to learn which one.

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DeMoivre’s Method.

Cuz actuary.


Drugs, specifically, a combination of psychedelics and opiates

Date. It’d simplify planning by quite a lot.


Date. I would like to grab a lot of life insurance, get my will tightened up, etc.

Then on the day of, I’d probably brew a cup of tea, sit in my backyard, not near anything expensive but just in the lawn, text my loved ones, ruminate on my life, read a book. (Well, I’d probably snag a chair so my butt isn’t damp. The chair can be a co-casualty.)

Then get annihilated by a meteorite or a runaway car or something. Sounds nice.

Honestly I’d prefer that over random chance. It would actually be reassuring that my likely death to cancer won’t be the thing that takes me out.

If my skull remains intact I would like it preserved with obsidian gems inset for my eyes, to look over my family for generations.

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If you choose “date,” you don’t get to choose “method.” And now that the evil choice-giver knows, you will die from cancer on the date you chose.
Classic Twilight Zone stuff. Or monkey’s paw or genie stuff.

yeah, knowing date doesn’t mean you’ll be healthy. You could be diagnosed with terminal cancer the next day.

Good look with getting life insurance.

I’ll be happy to die however, as long as I know it’s happening. I mean, I probably wouldn’t prefer something like painful torture, but for example I’d like to make sure I snap back in that one piece of siding that’s really high up on the house. Maybe that’s how I die.

As long as I know when, doesn’t much matter. I’d just prefer minimal pain, but if it’s a lot of pain, I’ll be dead shortly so it doesn’t exactly matter.

Could be pain for several years, until the day you die. Just don’t answer the question and move along. It’s a trap!

I suppose scheduling Death with Dignity, in this scenario, would mean that somehow I would be a survivor of deadly drugs. But I’d be scheduling that ASAP. And, I assume, some sort of medical case study.

What was that show, Heroes? Where the girl could not die? I’d have to be that.

Death Becomes Her

The OP doesn’t give you both choices. It’s one or the other.

Yeah it’s fine. It would be really interesting to see how I survive a freefall from low-Earth-orbit for example. Perhaps me surviving generally terminal conditions can advance medical science in a way that we can’t currently ethically do. The pain would suck but I’d give that up if it would be helpful.

I guess, in the end, my viewpoint is that when I’m dead I’m dead and that’s okay as long as my loved ones can be happy and cared for.

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Method sounds boring. “CANCER”.

Wow thanks genie.

Of course I might commit suicide in either case. Hopefully God here is iterative, and can reset the date/method according to my own decisions. Unless my decisions are harmonic or something.

This thread reminds me of an episode of the IT Crowd

how long before chatGPT accurately predicts your death

Somewhat decent Ryan North collection on the method.