I need a new laptop

I want a windows laptop that’s speedy. I’m not planning any crazy games on it, I just want something that will handle the random things I want a laptop for. What website is good for this? Should I just stick with big chains like Best Buy, or are there better sites? I’m fine with refurbished to save $$

I’m interested in this as well. My wife is in the market for one. We were leaning towards the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go, middle specs version-
128 GB SSD (SSD is a must since we like quick turn on ability. We currently have a 128 GB laptop as well, and have not even come close to filling it up so the small size isn’t a huge concern.)
10th gen i5.

I’m sure there are better options out there, but neither of us are super techy.

My list of wants:
SSD drive
i7 processor, or something similarly fast
Touch screen

Here’s one that I think works for under $500.

I’m not a computer-expert…I couldn’t tell a ram stick from a motherboard…the last two laptops that my family bought were from Costco. I figure that this isn’t the cheapest/most flexible way to go, but you’ll at least get a “fair” deal. It saves me the headache of having to figure out wth a dongle is and where to stick it.

Here’s their sub-$500 list: https://www.costco.com/laptops.html?searchProvider=lucidworks&price=200-500&refine=||item_location_pricing_salePrice-200%2Bto%2B500

Ignoring that price point…

Here’s i7+touch screen: https://www.costco.com/laptops.html?refine=||Computer_Type_attr-2-in-1||Processor_attr-Intel%2BCore%2Bi7&searchProvider=lucidworks&sortBy=item_location_pricing_salePrice+asc

Here’s one with SSD & i7 but not touch screen: https://www.costco.com/lg-gram-17-in.-laptop%2C-10th-gen-intel-core-i7%2C-16gb-ram%2C-512gb-ssd.product.100536334.html

In conclusion, Costco is probably not for you.

Oh…another thing…I used to have a BIL who worked for IBM…no-no…I have a BIL who used to work for IBM…that’s it…they have an employee program where you can buy the returned leased-corporate-pcs on the cheap. These are generally “work horses” as he would say, since they were built for the corporate world. You’re pretty much looking at Lenovo if you go that route.

But, unless you, too, have a BIL that works for IBM, this may not be feasible.

Don’t just look at the i#. Make sure to look at the generation. Here is a comparison of the most recent 10th generation i5 in the surface laptop I posted to the 6th generation i7 from the laptop you posted.

The newer i5 is 22% faster than the older i7 per that website.


Thanks for the tip!

I would also check connectivity capabilities as well.

Doesn’t help you much to have a super-duper fast processor but a marginal connectivity speed.

You might also be forward thinking on this front as well.

I’m not forward thinking on any fronts



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