I’m bored

What should I do?

Where’s that @Echo account when you need her?

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Seriously, though, you should sleep.

I know that’s easier said than done if you have insomnia.

Step 1: log off GoA

Step 2: turn off device(s)

Step 3: ???

Step 4: SLEEP

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Unfortunately who I’d like for step 3 isn’t home.


There are squirrels and chipmunks and ball and new holes in yard to find. Chicken. Belly rubs. Brownies. :dog:


Unfortunately this is true. :swear:

@Echo: I got a job for you:

  1. Take ball and drop it into Daddy’s lap
  2. When Daddy throw ball, you fetch it and bring it back to drop into Daddy’s lap
  3. Go to step 1

Who’s the bestest girl??? Who, who??? YOU ARE!!! :dog:

better get yourself to a hospital unless you want to bleed to death

Ate cookies and did some housecleaning of the liquor cabinet. What next?

Go make more cookies. :cookie:

Unless you’re drunk, in which case, stay away from the oven!!!

Going to bed is probably the right choice.