I don't get the Haitian crisis thing

I feel like there’s a very simple solution to all those Haitians being stuck at the border which is to just let them in already.

I agree with the “very simple” part.

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Yeah right, like if we didn’t stop them from entering they wouldn’t all be stuck in Del Rio. It’s like we’re causing a traffic jam on purpose here.

I blame Biden for assassinating their president and causing the recent 7.2 earthquake.


Most of the ones at the TX border didn’t come directly from Haiti. They have been living in other countries since the soon after the 2010 earthquake. They are just under the impression that they can make a better life in the US and the Biden admin will let them in no questions asked/ no qualifications needed.

Good point, I blame Biden for the 2010 earthquake, the general cluster that is central America right now, and his many and repeated promises to welcome these immigrants with open arms.


They must have Fox news in Haitti.

Maybe if Haiti hadn’t been such a shitty place to live since France ordered it to pay $150 million for breaking away and declaring independence, people might have a reason to stay there and live instead of risking their lives to go to a better place.

:thinking: Almost like there’s some kind of relationship between desired happiness and quality of life, but I can’t put my finger on it. Well, maybe someone else will figure it out.

I’ve heard it’s racist to say such a thing. You might want to be careful.

Those darned French, at it again.

How do they get stuck at the border? There’s like, an ocean.

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… really … ?

Google. This is all over the news.

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I don’t have news.


Biden’s opinion of Haiti:

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Do you have GoActuary? It’s been all over here too, albeit to a lesser extent.

I’ve actually been fairly absent :frowning:

A comment from 1994 in a discussion about whether Clinton would invade Haiti, talking about the strategic importance of Haiti to the US. Not sure what your point is here.

It sounded kind of racist.