I don't get the deal with migrants

I see a bunch of articles about strikes and stuff slowing things down yet there are 400k people willing to cross the Darien Gap to come here to work. Why don’t we just take them in, have them work, and then the strikes will be over?

In the meantime they can also start filling in all of Chicago’s potholes which nobody seems to be willing to do.

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I think your title is missing a word

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no u

I’m with you, I’d be pretty open to the idea that we basically let in anyone who we think will result in a net economic benefit to the country (i.e. put in more than they take out in benefits). That’s basically what happened when all the Italians/Irish came over.

Greg Abbott is doing it wrong, can’t he just have them build railroads or something

Yo I heard in addition to all the Mexicans, there are a whole bunch of Pakistanis who somehow found themselves trekking all the way through Central America to join them.

Who wouldn’t want nihari tacos that’s what we’re missing out on

I don’t mow the grass anymore because we hired a guy who does it each week for $35. It takes the two of them a bit over an hour and they do all the weed-whacking, etc.

While I sipped my coffee and watched them through the window I’m thinking about how this is ridiculously cheap when you think about capital cost for the equipment / maintenance cost / gas / etc and then you obviously have to pay for the time to do it, not to mention the time to do any billing/payroll/driving between houses/etc. I mean they’re probably making < $15/hr as a result.

because the legal requirements to get proper work papers is way too onerous and too long a process, but would need a congressional change.

Not sure if they could fill in for strikers (which if they did would increase the resentment against them), but there are still lots of jobs, trained and untrained that people here just do not want to do anymore

I think we should just hand out them green cards like candy imo, how much does an inkjet cost these days

I think this is where we are, it’s more politically expedient to bitch about illegal immigrants while enjoying the fruits (sometimes literally fruits) of their cheap labor. So I think the system is working as intended.

you think we do or
you think we should?


But I wonder just how many are coming here on the promises of “having all your needs met just by showing up”.

I’ve known many immigrants who are willing to work hard for a better life (a la Normal Dan’s example above).

But I’ve met many folks in Panama who have the view that life in the US is such that your basic needs are met (e.g., housing/shelter, food, entertainment) w/o needing to work at all.

I know that numerically, this is a small sample size (n < 150); but given that nearly all of them (>90%) believed this makes me wonder just how many of those at our borders hold this same belief (or was given such a promise).

I am one who believes that there needs to be reform for immigration, but one that is not draconian (like what Trump’s base wants) nor loosey-goosey free for all (which seems to be the idea that Smoothie seems to support).

But there should be some form of consequence for when an immigrant is no longer compliant (e.g., their visa expires) but won’t take steps to get back into compliance (an area I think needs a tremendous amounts of reform).

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Certainly if the immigrant is thinking the system is going to just charitably provide for them we don’t want to let them in. I think the US has been a big beneficiary (again) of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in this regard… the types of people willing to get here have tended to be the types of people willing to work hard once they arrive.

It’s a dotted history (i.e. very different depending on whether you’re European or Asian) but it seems to me we’ve gotten away from historically where the US was more open to letting people in of varying skill levels. Now our immigration system is most focused on just bringing in extended families of residents.

I could be mistaken . . . but I wonder how many of those “unaccompanied minors” are sent in with the hope of getting the nuclear family reunited within the US borders.

But I also see how unaccompanied minors (along with minors accompanied by an unrelated adult) is another area needing extensive reforms.

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