Hurricane Hilary

A little surprised no thread yet. So I’ll start it.

Hope @dr_t_non-fan and any other SoCal folks make it through this. Sounds crazy. 2" to 3" in most places with 10+" in some places. Lots of flooding expected. Even up here in Northern Utah they are talking an inch or more in some places which is a lot for a single storm anytime.

Many places in SoCal having tropical storm warnings for first time ever? WOW.

My first thought is, perhaps, they can try to save some of that water in a reservoir.

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I’m sure they will try, but that much water along with the great winter they had might not leave enough room. And the fact a lot of it will be falling below the mountains where lots of the reservoirs are.

And that much water that fast saturates the top layers quickly and then starts washing them away.

Some posts in “global warming” thread.
Not in the eye’s projected path, but yeah, 2 jnches in 24 hours expected from 8am Sunday to 10am Monday.
I think we had worse in January. Just weird timing.

The bad news is that the storm track is predicted to be too far west to provide much to the Colorado River basin.

Owen’s Lake, maybe

From bing gpt:
Here is a summary of the key points from the article you provided:

  • Hurricane Hilary is fast approaching Southern California, with rain already beginning to fall in the region’s desert areas.
  • Officials are urging residents and visitors on Catalina Island and those living in portions of San Bernardino County to evacuate.
  • Gov. Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency for the region and said that thousands of first responders are in place as the storm moves in.
  • National Weather Service forecasters’ warning of lashing winds, intense rain and harrowing conditions along the beaches prompted Los Angeles County officials to advise people on Catalina Island, particularly those with medical conditions or those who might be in need of help during a natural disaster, to evacuate on the Catalina Express. The county noted there could be prolonged utility outages on the island.
  • Flood concerns also prompted San Bernardino County sheriff’s officials to issue an evacuation order for the Oak Glen, Forest Falls, Mountain Home Village, Angelus Oaks and Northeast Yucaipa regions Saturday morning. Orange County issued a voluntary evacuation alert in the Bond fire burn area.
  • The storm has prompted officials to cancel events and issue dire alerts, particularly as the system moves across southwestern California on Sunday and Monday. The National Weather Service issued a tropical storm warning at 8 p.m. Friday for the area from the California-Mexico border to Point Mugu and for Catalina Island.
  • This is actually the first time that tropical storm watches have been issued on the West Coast of the United States. Typically, when a tropical storm makes its way to the southwestern U.S., it has severely dissipated, weakening to a depression or storm remnants. The only tropical cyclone to actually make landfall in Southern California was in 1939.
  • Hilary, downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane Saturday night, had sped up and shifted slightly eastward in its track. It was a Category 4 on Friday and fell to a Category 2 earlier Saturday. Still, officials said flooding remains a major risk, with special concern around inland deserts and mountains.
  • This means the most severe impact of the storms will likely be felt late Saturday and Sunday across Southern California.
  • Across Southern California on Saturday, residents rushed to stock up on household essentials like water— leaving aisles in grocery stores bare — and sandbags to protect their homes from flooding.
  • Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass urged residents to prepare and take the storm seriously. She said that this is another example of climate change and that people need to be prepared for climate events that they are not used to.

7AM: no rain or wind, but it is 74 degrees. We’ve shut our windows already.

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Currently raining Inland Empire and Eastern LA County, according to the local news.

Sadly, there are so many unusual weather events around the world right now that it is impossible to give them all their own thread.

True, but threads are made here when someone is interested enough to make them. A321 is concerned about me and others, which I greatly appreciate.

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Looks like we have a rain delay… Not gonna start until 11 in my area.

The storm track appears to be too far to the east to help with the states of emergencies in forest fire stricken Western Canada. Many cities there have been evacuated or are under evacuation alerts. Maybe the smoke at least will get deflected away from us.

Storm seems to have stayed to the East and might just miss us here in Santa Barbara. Only an inch or 2 of rain at most. Possibly just a sprinkle here.

Still looks like massive flooding coming to the desert though.

Getting drops now!

Outside with a landscaper, discussing all the potential changes. More rain than I like, but still not torrential.

“Uh, I was, uh told there would be a tropical storm ah, on this Tropical Storm tour?”

Still enough rain that it was probably smart for local MLB clubs to play doubleheaders yesterday?

Oh, and an earthquake just happened. 6.0 First guess is off the coast.
Now downgraded to 5.0, near Ojai.
Not feeling the aftershocks.
Got an alert on my phone, then I felt the house shaking. Not long enough after, though, to do anything. I could probably get out of the house if it were a 7.5 or so. In the disappointing rain.


Raining more now.

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All that rain must have lubricated the nearby fault.

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