How worried should I be (phone scam)

Wow, that is incredibly Canadian Idiotic.

No, not the spelling. Requiring important information to be stowed in an easily unlockable place. Tattoo it on your forehead, save everyone else the time and effort of breaking into your car.

Can no one else drive the car? in the USA, people without licenSes can own cars, just not drive them. No, I don’t know why, but capitalism or something.

I don’t think the registration has my driver’s license number. I’ll check today when I get a new one

I saw somewhere recently that Canada has a stolen car problem. Organized crime is doing it in part. When the pandemic pushed up new and used car prices, it made theft more appealing to the criminals. The stolen cars ended up being re-sold in Canada (which I understand more about the car title being in the car) or being shipped overseas. Outgoing containers not getting nearly as much scrutiny as incoming containers, old tech, understaffing, etc. at the shipyards.

Whoa there. Top 5 at best.

I recall an article about a guy that had some kind of tracking device in his car (airtag?) and reported it stolen and was able to tell police that it was at a port/shipyard but no one did anything about finding it for him. He then got notified it was in a gulf state. Not sure what happened after that.

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I don’t have quality stats, but anecdotally, literally 10 out of 10 people I know who drove their personal vehicles to Vancouver, BC for vacations had them either stolen or broken into. I haven’t added any new data to that stat in a while and the sample size is small, but it did not inspire me to hop in the car and drive up I-5 North and take in a Canucks game. :woman_shrugging:

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But it did inspire you to drive up I-5 north and steal some cars, right?

I enjoy not being in jail, so… no!

Risk is opportunity, imo.

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For those unaware, if you don’t put your fob in a Faraday box, someone with easily available tech can boost the signal and open your car.

Happened to me a while back, luckily my wife had hidden the registration well enough they didn’t find it, just rummaged around.

Our car still needed a key to start, but we still started using a Faraday box right after.

I like keyless in theory, but the security isn’t good enough now. I’ll probably get a 90s style “the club”. Sure you can cut it, but thieves these days ain’t got time for that, they’ll keep looking.

TIL “Faraday box”’ and “Faraday bag.”

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