How many syllables does crayon have?

Some folks in the Midwest pronounce it “crown”.

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One of my uncle’s favorites.


The spelling of mayonnaise always bugs me. It should be spelled phonetically, like mownayz.

Who pronounces mayonnaise with a “o” in the first syllable?

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It is spelled phonetically, en Français.

Again, from the work of Josh Katz:

Crayon sounds like ‘cran’ unless weaselette is nearby - then I deliberately stretch it out to ‘cray-on’. She has a thing about that word.

Recently saw ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ so I can’t see mayonnaise without all the syllables, with an emphasis on the ‘naise’

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My tongue does make a movement in both “mayonnaise” and “crayon” where the “yo” is, like a half hearted jump on a trampoline, but there is no impact to the pronunciation.

While we’re at it, how do you all say ‘caramel’?

don’t start. I try to avoid pronouncing caramel in front of people.

Same with data. When you have two people conversing about data and one consistently says day-ta and the other da-ta it makes me giggle on the inside, because neither side wants to succumb


Unquestionably 3 syllables, with the first syllable’s a as in “cat”. But sometimes I hear it as two, with the first syllable as “car”. That shoulds very wrong to me, but usually from context I usually know the intent. Less often, two with the first syllable like mine.

there’s also differences in -melle or -mul

I go back and forth between ‘cair-uh-mel’ and ‘car-mel’. Weaselette prefers the 2-syllable version and it drives her nuts when people say it the other way. Kind of entertaining to say it ‘wrong’ on purpose, but I try not to overdo it

I’m a “car-muhl” guy myself.

I use both depending on my mood.

I usually say “carra mel”, but “car ml” sounds normal to me, and I’ve probably said it sometimes. Unlike “cran”, which I honestly am not sure I’d recognize if I heard it in the wild.

I don’t usually talk about mayo. But I like to make creme caramel, and draw with crayons.

What about that big cat in the zoo? The one with the orange and black stripes?

A tagger?

under what circumstances…I don’t think I’ve seen crayon in the physical since like…middle school