How do you know whom to trust?

I’ve gotten two e-mails today which have a header “This message is from a trusted sender.” One of them is a Home Depot survey. Obviously The Home Depot wouldn’t be involved with anything shady.

Here’s the start of the

other one,

The header is exactly the same as on the first, so the Hemp Gummies sellers must have gone through the same process to qualify as a trusted sender.
If you can’t see the eyes, how would you decide which e-mails deserve your trust? (for ones which have not become official “trusted senders”)

No company does. Only people I know personally, and even those e-mails are scrutinized for foul play (not on their part, but by hackers).
I mean, someone I know who normally doesn’t send e-mails sends me an e-mail urging me to check out a link? No, thanks.

This post is from a trusted poster.

Yellow text on green background is the best indicator of trust I know of

Start with the stance of “none” deserve your trust when first received.

Otherwise, hover over any links and see what pops up as its destination/target. Isn’t clear? Don’t trust.

No-one. Outside of work, who’s even sending emails anymore?
Let alone ones with random links

I get tons of legitimate non work emails. I get email from my plumber, my doctor, the town police (there was a brief “boil the water” notice) people on various committees I’m on (working out details of an event we are organizing) or social groups (who’s playing bridge this weekend) reminders of events others have organized (virtual thing tomorrow afternoon that I could do) and of course a zillion notifications from Amazon and others shipping stuff to me.

Why would your plumber e-mail you?

I generally ignore all emails unless I’m expecting it from a specific person I know. Businesses? Just assume they’re trying to sell you something unless you’re tracking an order you already placed.

I emailed him photos of the pipe i needed him to replace. He replied with an estimate.