How do I ____?

I haven’t learned how to do some things here in this forum, and figure some others are in the same boat…

How do I do a spoiler here?

When your type the post, look for the little gear in the horizonal list of icons at the top of the edit box. Hide details lets you insert a little drop down

like this

This text will be hidden

I replaced the word “details” with the words “like this”.

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Or, if you’re old school, type, on a separate line, ‘[details]’ or ‘[details="For ArthurItas’ Eyes Only"]’, on another separate line type your text, and then, finally, on another separate line, close it out with ‘[/details]’

For ArthurItas' Eyes Only

All of this will be obvious if you follow Lucy’s instructions, so, perhaps, you’re better off just listening to her in the first place.

Testing 1-2-3

Don't look here

I warned you
Sean Connery in Zardoz | Considerable

It would be nice to have a “spoiler” button in the menu above the texting box, like the quote one, the list one, the numbered list one, …

I’m constrained by what the software will do. In this case, here’s a response from the (outspoken) software designer:

No, I don’t support this. The more text and buttons you add to the screen, the worse the experience becomes for everyone.

Oh, so NOT a user?

Yeah, the guy doing the development on the forums software is pretty outspoken about stuff. Not only does he disagree with stuff that users ask for, but he refuses to allow for options so that forums can make their own decisions. It’s the type of thing IMO that can lead to the downfall of it’s popularity but in the meantime if I ask all that’s going to happen is I get slapped down.

In terms of upgrading the software ourselves, it’s possible but not ideal. And when we do get to that point I think our first money & time will be spent on the user interface.

Sorry. But don’t take ‘can’t this time’ as ‘not interested in hearing your thoughts’. I appreciate your taking the time to point stuff out.

But it’s not too hard to find the spoiler button. There are even tell ways to do it

You can [spoiler]blur text[/spoiler]

Hide details

This text will be hidden

Weirdly, another discourse site it use has the option to blur text in the same gear menu as the “hide details” option. And it works. I wonder why it works there and not here.

blurred spoilers are a plug-in. We can add that if there interest.

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It’s nice, because it allows in-line spoilers. So you can blur just a word or two in a sentence if you want. But it’s not a big deal. The thing I would really like if it’s not too hard to implement is colored text. Yeah, you can do that with complex codes that I’m never going to use. But I’d like a point&click colored text option.

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…change my password?

I tried the Send password reset email, but nuthin’ happened. :frowning:

We are having email problems, server is not emailing. I’ll ping my dev again right now. There’s 400 emails backed up.

:frowning_face_with_open_mouth: OK, thanks for letting me know!!

Aaaaaand away they go. Should be getting emails again now.

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I think I accidentally learned a feature here: In the T-Roy Bumble/Match thread, I somewhat jokingly nominated a post there as appropriate for the CS thread on How to tell someone you know too much about them. I also linked to the CS thread there. It looks like a link to the T-Roy thread was automatically generated in the CS thread (I didn’t post it there, and it just appears in the thread without anyone posting it).

Seems like an interesting feature for cross thread posting.

Yes, it does that. It’s great if you want to take a side conversation to a new thread, because it’s easy for everyone to find the side conversation.

Can’t tell if this is a serious or sarcastic suggestion. :woman_shrugging:

Can’t tell if this is a serious or sarcastic suggestion.


You can now blur text and images using the [ spoiler ] tag.

blurred text or image here