How do companies find people to do their dirty work?

So I hear big companies bribe people all the time, like politicians, other company execs, doctors, or whatever.

How does such a company recruit employees to do this task and then also make sure they shut up about it? It’s not like I can find these postings on LinkedIn or something. Would a job posting be like, “Hello, we are looking for a professional briber to make it easy for us to do business in Laos” or something? How do the interviews go? How does the company know such a candidate is cool? How do they keep candidates from reporting them to the authorities?

I don’t think companies have to find them, the shady folks naturally get promoted into these positions. Like you’re not getting to the executive level without a minimum level of shade.

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I’ve wondered about this. Perfect example is the character Hall in Billions. How do you get that job? And where do you get the experience before you get that job?

I kind of just assume that any US company that does business in Asia has bribed someone

There are probably extremely special search firms to get matches.


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