Hotels near MSP with the best breakfast

I need a hotel with shuttle service to MSP.

I also want one with a good breakfast included in the price.

Your thoughts?

The Hilton Garden Inn Minneapolis Airport Mall of America seems nice.

Did you also want shuttle service from MSP?

…but breakfast in the restaurant is extra $$$

nope…just to…I’m a one way travelin’ man.

I’ve only been to Minneapolis once and stayed downtown. :man_shrugging:

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In the Before Time, Hyatt Place used to be my go-to hotel (where available) in part because the breakfast offerings were decent, as far as free hotel breakfasts goes…but they had started cutting back / restricting it to Hyatt members.

Most hotel chains were already cutting back on free breakfasts before the pandemic. These days I’d go elsewhere…e.g. airside at MSP.

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Filtering for “free breakfast” at it’s coming up empty for m/hotels around MSP. Maybe I’m doing it wrong…or maybe my expectations need realignment.

FWIW, I am headed to MSP this weekend. The hotel where I have reservations, the Home2 Suites in Bloomington, supposedly has free breakfast and an airport shuttle. Considering where Home2 stands in the Hilton heirarchy, I’d be uncertain whether it would count as “good”…

I haven’t stayed there before – usually when I go to MSP, I stay closer to an office destination – but it looked like the best balance of good reviews vs price when I booked.

I have stayed at the Hyatt Place near MSP several years ago. It was OK, not particularly memorable. I think they had an airport shuttle at the time, but I don’t know their current status.

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near the mall or the one on Penn?

to the OP - hotel breakfasts are generally at most just ok. so avoid the lowest end hotels and find some other one that offers breakfast and it will be ok.

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also, let me know if you need a ride. I can shuttle it up with a little planning.

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Penn…although my trip is in jeopardy due to a canceled flight. I’m trying to decide whether to accept how I was rebooked (was on an afternoon nonstop flight; now have an oh-dark-early departure tomorrow morning, with a short connection in Atlanta), or shift the trip to a different weekend.

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I see there’s a Springhill Suites available there. I know they offer a shuttle & a decent breakfast, so I think I’m good.

Thanks, everybody!

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