Hot Sauce/Spicy Foods

Who’s into hot stuff? I just got 3 packs of dried peppers, some Trinidad Scorpions, ghost peppers, and Carolina Reapers. I’m not really a fan of the Reaper flavor but it was a gift.

I’ve only done this four times and winged it each time, so any recommendations on spices and such would be welcome. I know enough to sanitize and whatnot, in the past it’s just been… peppers, salt, apple cider vinegar, and some spices that sound good. I’ll be mixing in some chipotles, and probably ancho/poblano to cool it down a little.

Ha. I’ve always kinda liked hot stuff, but never ate a lot of it.

My wife fell in love with a locally produced sauce in late 2019, and we expanded our pantry a bit in 2020. A couple months ago, I bought 8 of the Hot Ones sauces from the YouTube interview show (all but Da Bomb and The Last Dab) and we’ve been using them regularly. Then I bought 10 more sauces. Then another 15. We’re at 30 now (after finishing some bottles) in the fridge/pantry.

I have a go-to salsa/marinade I make that’s a bunch of mild/medium dried chiles (a couple chipotles in adobo are the hottest heat).

But I do have a few of the top tier Hot Ones sauces (Apollo The Last Dab, Caroline Reaper The Last Dab, Pepper X Classic) that can be a bit painful for a couple minutes (and painful for a couple bathroom visits).

Salsa/marinade (which depends on salt content): Orange juice, lime juice, garlic, cumin, coriander, oregano, salt, pepper, soy sauce, fish sauce, and a bunch of dried chiles (Ancho, Guajillo, Pasilla Negro, New Mexico, Cascabel) with chipotles in adobo sauce to get some heat, all blended together.

This showed up in my facebook feed around this time last year. I just finished off their four pepper blend and have a little left of the hatch green and dark and smoky. They are all really good. The red flakes are quite a bit hotter than what you would normally find as generic red flakes. I just put in an order for some more of that and some newer blends they added in the past year.

I think I am gaining quite a tolerance for heat. The 4/5 spicy Thai dish I had last night I could barely notice. I am a little hesitant to get their “I Can’t Feel my Face” blend at 750K+ Scoville, but I did order the smoke show at 350k-450k.

Hard pass here, thanks

I used to be more into hot sauces when I was younger, but I will buy the odd bottle at markets just to add a tingle to dishes.

I remember being at a BBQ place where I couldn’t feel my lips after their #2 hot sauce!!! :hot_face:

I just did a quick inventory and I found this in my pantry:

I don’t understand the appeal of eating super-spicy foods/sauces. Pain is not a flavor imo.

Lots of people do though so, enjoy! :woman_shrugging:

I don’t like heat without flavor. I like hot flavor! Da Bomb has never appealed to me, and as I mentioned I’m hesitant with the Reapers after eating one and it just tasted bad. Probably experimenting tonight.

I’ve been mixing in pickled jalapeño slices with whatever we’re having for dinner lately. I like spicy food that doesn’t leave me in pain the next day, and those seem to be just perfect for me. Too hot for the rest of my family (I have little kids), but just enough spice for me.

I’ve been using Blair’s products back when he had his restaurant.

Good stuff. I don’t like crazy hot stuff, but the original death and after death sauces are pretty good.

Super hot? I’m not a fan, though I have eaten some in the past. Spicy with some heat, I do like.
We have grown various peppers and made our own hot sauces and condiments on occasion from somewhat spice to burns going in and out.

Once made what we thought was a really hot sauce with Thia Chilies that one of my wife’s co-wokers went through a whole bottle in one weekend…by himself.

Lookin’ for some hot stuff baby this evening

Was out in Delaware when one of these ice cream places offered a sample of a ghost pepper flavour. Gave it a try, they had me sign a waiver and had some milk on hand when the fire came out of my mouth. Ah, good times!

the pain produces dopamine effects. It’s like a runners high, except in your mouth

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Maybe that’s why I can’t relate :rofl:

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Hmmmm… as someone with a lot of weird dopamine regulation issues, I wonder if this is part of why I’m drawn to things (like running/hiking, spicy foods) that tend to cause little spikes.

This, exactly. I mean, I’ll have a dot or two of the REALLY spicy stuff just to say I did it, and to get that little kick in the pants, but otherwise, I tend to cap out in the 6/10 to 7/10 range of hot sauces, and I absolutely can’t stand disgusting sauces that are JUST HOT.

That said, the 10/10 Last Dab - Carolina Reaper edition I got is actually very tasty! for the 0.5 seconds you can taste it before ‘omg hot’ registers in your brain.

Why don’t I get a pooper’s high when it comes out??? :hot_face: :fire: :hotsprings:

Made a couple hot sauces last night. One was 2 ghost peppers and an ancho, the other 3 Trinidad Scorpions and 3 chipotles. Each about 1/2-3/4 cups.

Both are pretty good! Used the first with breakfast today. The second, I added a lot of lime and cumin, planning to use on nachos/tacos soon. I’ll try the Reapers soon, just worried it won’t be tasty.

I see that the reaper is a habanero ghost hybrid. I grew some habamero peppers one summer, had a lot of peppers, but learned I really disliked the flavor of them.