Help me buy a laptop

I am biased here but I would go for 4060. Vram alone.

I use to see the best laptop deals. Not sure how good it is for Canada. It’s great for the US. Maybe take a look at it first.

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So my current ~10 year old desktop has:

i7-4790 at 3.6 ghz
3 terabyte drive (not SSD)
AMD Radeon r7 250
16 GB Ram

I’m not sure that the HP above I was thinking about would be any faster? Likely slower?

Have computers sort of stopped getting better lately or something?

ETA my current cheap laptop that is worse than my desktop has:

Snapdragon 7c 2.55 GHZ
108 GB drive
No video card
4 GB ram

ETA, the internet is telling me and old generation i7 isn’t comparable so that makes sense.

Ok I think I’ve narrowed to 2 Lenovo’s, my wife balked at getting an HP. So the question is 500 CAD worth it to get a faster machine now.

More expensive option, CAD 1549|se|google|shopping_pc_intel|gs_notebooks||82YA000PUS|1756627588|71352362520|pla-2264931628492|shopping|mix&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiA_OetBhAtEiwAPTeQZ5iDgBY_tGDwMT_nrakhaeD0WaSvx_QPfBjKUSr2ZXrm71K1J44kmBoCaV8QAvD_BwE

Cheaper option, CAD 1045|se|google|shopping_pc_intel|gs_notebooks||82XF001UUS|1756627588|71352362520|pla-2264931628492|shopping|mix&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAiA_OetBhAtEiwAPTeQZ-6ddi9UVl_nYZGot7mhUf25Pk0-sctREVJcSXf-ofwWZUNmZ8ewVhoCNhUQAvD_BwE

  • Spend the extra
  • Be cheap

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Trying to setup a poll here

More expensive has: i7-13700H chip, GeForce rtx 4060 graphics card, an ethernet port.

Cheaper has: i7-1355U chip, integrated Intel iris xe graphics.

Other stats are fairly similar.

why don’t you just get a desktop

almost all your gaming complaints will go away if you do that

Desktop isn’t a choice at this point.

Spend the money.
For most electronics, I try and buy near top of line. Then keep it long past it’s expected lifetime. Then, buy the best one out again.
I don’t do this with computers because I run linux and don’t game, so an off the shelf machine is more than enough. But with gaming+windows, I would absolutely spend the money to get a more top of the line machine. Extends it’s useful lifetime.

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y tho

you will if you ever tried Factorio

I’ve had the same computer for around 12 years or so. I’ve replaced the power supply once and the motherboard and attached components 2 times. Most of the original fans and cables are still there. One of the fans is starting to fail so I got a replacement.

For me gaming peaked at joust and gauntlet.


The incredible quarter-eating monster, Gauntlet?

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If you’re going to play more than simple games, you want the dedicated graphics.

Red elf you are running out of food.

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Green warrior is about to die.



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Woot is having a “gaming laptop extravaganza” now