Happy pi day!

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I’m going to make a spinach and feta pie for dinner


I had veggie quiche for breakfast. That’s pie.

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No homemade pie. Will have to buy one.

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Maybe we’ll splurge and get pizza pie for dinner tonight.

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You pay for it now?

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I love the word spanakopita.


which if you think about it has two pis in it.

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Two pi’s is tau. Wait til June for that.


Isn’t that when someone (@meep) proposed the better time to celebrate should be anyway?

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It’s a glorious week if you have a reason to follow Québec holidays: Saint-Jean-Baptiste / Fête nationale, Tau Day, and Canada Day.

It’s more than just Meep, you can find websites devoted to that idea. And it’s a good idea.

Why celebrate a number that is only 1/2 of the concept it is meant to convey? Why is the formula for the circumference of a circle = 2* pi* r? C=tau*r is much more rational. You don’t measure your age as two for each trip around the sun. Each trip is one year and one age.

pi day is a bastardization of the real holiday.

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Sweet video.
Fun fact: My son recognized his voice from downstairs and asked me to confirm it. Says there are a lot of cool videos from that company/group/whatev’s.
I’ll go down the rabbit hole some other time.

It’s mostly just realizing that all math formulas use 2pi, and not pi.

The bell curve, for an obvious example.


My (friend’s) contribution. He did the Veronica Mars kickstarter… and this is what he got out of it:

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Pi day is just another fictitious holiday, made up by the math book people, in order to sell more math books.


Happy steak & BJ day.

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Of course, according to the Indiana House of Representatives, pi day isn’t until next Monday.


But would we still get a tau day with baked goods and stuff???

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