Half-day in Dallas

I’ve been invited to Dallas for a thing in the morning this Saturday (8/21). I’ll be available to do something from about 2 pm on. What should I do?

Any of you in the area and interested in dinner / a beer on Saturday night?

When I visited Dallas I went to the botanical gardens. They were absolutely beautiful- I highly recommend it.

Cowboys are hosting a preseason game against the Texans that night. Not that preseason is all that exciting to watch, and personally I wouldn’t support Jerry Jones, plus with the Delta variant hitting Texas hard I wouldn’t feel that safe being with such a crowd, but it’s an option.

excellent idea! I’ll look it up.

I’m not into American football any longer (too much pointless violence and very little sportsmanship), so the Cowboys aren’t appealing for me, crowd or no crowd, pre-season or regular.


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I am comparably unimpressed by benders as by the voluntary future-CTE that is the NFL, so while I’ll probably go have one beer, or maybe two, “drinking” as an activity isn’t on my short list.

try the bbq, or tex mex

I’ve heard that Pecan Lodge is really good for BBQ.

Lockhart Smokehouse, Cattleback BBQ, or Pecan Lodge are the go to for BBQ in the Dallas area.

You could stand on a street corner and sing, “Big D, little a double l a-s” over and over again. Buy a 10-gallon hat for collecting tips.

It’s cheesy, I’m a sucker for Chuy’s. And if you can find Blood & Honey beer, I’d recommend one of those.

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Chuy’s is a chain - there’s probably one near where Bro lives

This is a good shortlist. I’ll probably find the one closest to where I’m staying and walk.

There is an X on Elm Street going through Dealey Plaza that has some history. Watch out for willie coyote though

Long time since I been there but the Downtown Aquarium was very nice and easy to cover in half a day.

Are you saying that’s not a real tunnel??

I suggest a walk around Dealey Plaza as well.