Gun Violence in America

At least from what I have seen in small town America, there is a whole lot of “group x is different in ways that I don’t approve, but I will tolerate this when I come across it in public and not do much more than talk about it with my neighbors/family/friends.”

Racist? Intolerant? Biased? Unhelpful?

Topic for another thread?

To be fair, she said that before we knew just exactly how bad Trump was going to be. There are fewer Trump supporters than there used to be and a lot of the former Trump supporters are the ones in the half Clinton considered non-deplorable.

Seemed fairly obvious in 2016 that Trump was going to be horrible - I put money on it back then. The part I did not see happening was the cult that formed and allowed him to remain in office the full term.

At the same time, since he exceeded the threshold of what should have led to his removal from office, you could easily argue that he was in fact worse than expected.

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Sure… I didn’t vote for him. As you may recall 2016 was the first time since turning 18 that I did not vote for the Republican candidate for president, though I’d voted for Dems and 3rd party candidates down-ballot plenty.

I didn’t vote for him because I assumed he’d be terrible, but in point of fact he’s been far worse than I had imagined, which was already bad.

I could see the gap between how awful we thought he’d be and how much worse he actually was costing supporters. Maybe. I’m hopeful that my father will be among them but I’m not sure and a little afraid to ask.


Thought about this thread when I read this article.

The headline seems factual and straight-forward, but that “in region rife with drug gangs” really muddies up the meaning. Is that their excuse or explanation? Is it implying the colleague was with a drug gang?
Didn’t bother to read, fwiw.

From the article:

The article mentions the weapon probably belonged to the security detail. I assume the ambassador wanted to play and in doing so failed to follow proper safe-handling rules.

This quote gives me an immediate connotation that he was doing this in some kind of self-defense, or at minimum in fear. It’s not quite as bad as how some newspapers will report things like “A felon suspected of a crime died from gunfire during a police-related incident” but it’s definitely leaning toward that kind of obfuscating language. I wouldn’t have expected that from The Guardian.

I am less enamored with their editorial standards as late. Granted my latest complaint was about an opinion piece that truncated a quote to change the meaning, but still.

Modern school design, in the age of mass shootings (free link):

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For the “Studies with Unexpected Results” file:

Size Matters? Penis Dissatisfaction and Gun Ownership in America


In this study, we formally examine the association between penis size dissatisfaction and gun ownership in America. The primary hypothesis, derived from the psychosexual theory of gun ownership, asserts that men who are more dissatisfied with the size of their penises will be more likely to personally own guns. To test this hypothesis, we used data collected from the 2023 Masculinity, Sexual Health, and Politics (MSHAP ) survey, a national probability sample of 1,840 men, and regression analyses to model personal gun ownership as a function of penis size dissatisfaction, experiences with penis enlargement, social desirability, masculinity, body mass, mental health, and a range of sociodemographic characteristics. We find that men who are more dissatisfied with the size of their penises are less likely to personally own guns across outcomes, including any gun ownership, military-style rifle ownership, and total number of guns owned. The inverse association between penis size dissatisfaction and gun ownership is linear; however, the association is weakest among men ages 60 and older. With these findings in mind, we failed to observe any differences in personal gun ownership between men who have and have not attempted penis enlargement. To our knowledge, this is the first study to formally examine the association between penis size and personal gun ownership in America. Our findings fail to support the psychosexual theory of gun ownership. Alternative theories are posited for the apparent inverse association between penis size dissatisfaction and personal gun ownership, including higher levels of testosterone and constructionist explanations.

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Didn’t adjust for the SIZE of the gun/weapon?

In a sense, they did also look at that.

Assuming someone has a small penis because he owns a gun or a pickup truck is stupid.

Sure, it’s not the worst assumption you could make, but it’s not the WICKED SYCK BURN so many people seem to think it is.

You get a bump stock, and you get a bump stock, bump stocks for everyone baby.

I guess any gun laws are completely pointless with this Supreme Court.

The original law sounds poorly worded with “a single function of the trigger."

Seems like each bullet fired should require an independent decision/action.

I thought that the decision said that the problem was that Trump enacted the bump stock ban through EO rather than law.

Seems like a hard definition to get at. Decision and action are both kind of vague abstracts.

Of course “function of the trigger” is also vague.

Pretty much, except the dissenters felt that the terminology in the existing law covers bump stocks. Congress could write a law specifying bump stocks explicitly, but they haven’t because politics.

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