Guiliani positive for COVID?

Per the NYT

Trump lies regularly, but why would he lie about this?

i’m sure he’s telling the truth. the only surprising thing about this is that Rudy didn’t get it sooner.


Wasn’t Giuliana some sort of messiah back in the day? Like everyone loved him? Or am I remembering incorrectly?
Now he’s just a grease spot on the backside of Trump’s trousers.

He gained prominence by being the mayor of NYC on 9/11. He hasn’t really accomplished much beyond that.

idk, Giuliani was mayor of NYC. I can’t really remember if I voted for him, probably not. I never loved him, but now definitely hate him.

I seem to recall something about stopping homeless people from washing windshields too.

oh right! i forgot about that. that was a good thing. the squeegee guys would harass motorists. i didn’t drive in manhattan, but was a passenger and it was super annoying and sounds like giuliani took care of it. okay, i like giuliani as mayor then.

He was admitted to the hospital today.

thing is, Rudy will get the best care possible, just like Donnie did and will be just fine. seems unfair.

The late David Dinkins began to rid the city of squeegee guys. This article is from a year before Giuliani became mayor.

oh good, so i can credit dinkins instead of giuliani? great!

Yeah Guiliani is the poster child for getting credit for crime going down in NYC while it was also going down everywhere else.

He then was mayor during 9/11 and was a great leader in pulling the city back together, which saved him the embarassment of many of the decisions leading up to 9/11 (like putting the disaster response office in WTC).

Rudy about to fake his death after Trump denied him a pardon.

some how doesn’t sound that crazy.

How many people did he expose in the courtroom over the past few days? I didn’t watch anything, so just asking, was it a really packed court or were he and Cicely Strong far away from everyone else?


One states entire legislature had to cancel this week due to Guiliani I thought.

Giuliani would not have been elected dogcatcher in NYC on 9/10/2001. He had thoroughly disgraced himself with the way he dumped his wife and having had affairs with subordinates while keeping it out of the press by threatening to revoke credentials etc. And frankly there wasn’t much at all the mayor could do about 9/11 and most reasonably competent politicians would have behaved more or less the same anyway. People just leapt to praise him for their own comfort.

I think it was more of RG had a “fan club” that started the praise-wagon and people just decided to jump on for their own comfort.

I dunno, recent presidents have shown how incredibly difficult it is to show empathy and not insult dead people during a time of national crisis


Yeah, it seemed like he was a part of coordinating rescue efforts and such. I think he did as well as anyone could have, and better than some would have.

But he obviously has power / control issues and is drawn to someone with even bigger power / control issues.