Greg Abbott is doing it wrong

Okay so I heard this Abbott dude is sending a bunch of migrants out of TX to complain to JB that them feds ain’t doing nuttin to solve the border issue or whatever.

Man that dude is super dumb. Here’s what I’d do if I were him.

I’d let in as many migrants as I could, like millions if possible. Then I’d give them citizenship and work papers ASAP. I would let in so many that the population of TX would surpass CA and thus the number of electoral votes would swing the presidential election in my favor.

pretty sure he’s doing it wrong

Small detail: governors can’t give citizenship.

Another small detail: if he could, and gave it out like candy, he probably wouldn’t get re-elected as migrants take jobs for less than US citizens would. Unless of course he let in say 7M all at once, and gave them votes too. That would probably be enough to swing the vote his way.

Another gem


He doesn’t need them to be citizens to get more electoral votes, just fill out the census. Can wait until early 2030 though .

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If he could give them citizenship and voting rights would that be enough to get them to vote R? I thought that one of the issues Texas was having was the hispanic population voting D?

Not so much anymore.

For some reason Catholics with strong family groups as a cultural aspect don’t seem to be too responsive to stances for unlimited abortion and the teaching of gender fluid and sexually questioning identities to children. Go figure.

Well, at least until the GOP decides to attack them for being a bunch of illegals (despite that not being the case) and dirty Mexicans, despite basically living the ideals espoused by the party and trying to support them.

In recent weeks, though, Colony Ridge has found itself under fire from conservative lawmakers. They’ve blasted it as a haven for illegal immigrants and cartels, threatened a state takeover and listed it as a priority during this month’s special legislative session along with border security and school vouchers.

Cynthia Silva moved to Colony Ridge two years ago and started a GOP club that canvassed ahead of elections. Then strangers showed up outside her house recently, photographing her “Familia Silva” sign with its Puerto Rican and Mexican flags in honor her heritage and her husband’s.

Silva voted for Trump twice, home-schools her three children, opposes vaccine mandates and abortion. She considers herself a Hispanic conservative. But in Texas, she’s no longer sure that makes her Republican. She now identifies as Independent.

“I told my husband I’m not voting red anymore,” she said. “I’m not a Black Lives Matter person. And I don’t believe in structural racism. But do I believe there’s racism in towns like this? Yes.”

In practice do they really get counted? Why would illegal immigrants fill something out that says they live there?

Beside the direct effort, the census does have estimation methods to adjust for under-response. 10M would be hard to count exactly but also hard to miss entirely.


The Venn intersection between people who know what structural racism is and those who don’t believe in it is incredibly small, and they’ve found it. Amazing.



Fixed better. Now the group of people who have been disadvantaged due to poverty. That is huge.

Incorrect. Negative Heart for you.


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