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didn’t see a thread (just mocking poor…) and not sure yet.

from a book.

They were Hackett, Sarrow and de Jong. De Jong was killed in a car accident.

is it proper to capitalize a name, that starts with a lower case letter, even if beginning a sentence?

I think a lot relies on how “de” works within the original language. It might be a “formality” of naming: Billiam de Jong == Billiam of (the clan) Jong

I believe the German “von” is viewed similarly.

In this context, it is capitalized.

But if the name is properly all lower case (k d lang comes to mind), then I think it should remain as a lower case, even when starting a sentence.

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Actually, according to, even the k in “k d lang” should be capitalized when starting a sentence (from a strict grammar rules perspective).

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I like to say “All of the checks prove that I’m correct.”
But MS Outlook thinks that “More concise language would be clearer for your reader” and suggests using “All”…as in, “All the checks prove that I’m correct.”

What say you?

Which to use?
  • All of the…
  • All the…
  • All your 42 base belong to potato.

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All checks prove that I’m correct?

Similar to “All signs point to the butler being the murderer”



Was just going to post something similar.

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It is the difference between using all as a noun or an adjective. Using it as an adjective helps emphasize (imho) the checks are the subject. Also fewer words.

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Blink 182 agrees with MS: