Grammar Question

didn’t see a thread (just mocking poor…) and not sure yet.

from a book.

They were Hackett, Sarrow and de Jong. De Jong was killed in a car accident.

is it proper to capitalize a name, that starts with a lower case letter, even if beginning a sentence?

I think a lot relies on how “de” works within the original language. It might be a “formality” of naming: Billiam de Jong == Billiam of (the clan) Jong

I believe the German “von” is viewed similarly.

In this context, it is capitalized.

But if the name is properly all lower case (k d lang comes to mind), then I think it should remain as a lower case, even when starting a sentence.

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Actually, according to, even the k in “k d lang” should be capitalized when starting a sentence (from a strict grammar rules perspective).

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