Government Run Nursing Homes

I’m skeptical that something like this would work unless it was easier to force mentally incapacitated homeless people to stay, eg forcibly commit them to hospital care. And that isn’t going to happen, and in any case comes with it’s own problems. But i know very little about this issue.

I thought there was something like this in Anthem or a similar book

Soylent Green

Ah yes another benefit of St. Ron, tossing the mentally ill out of the streets to fend for themselves.

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It’s true. I know personally 2 people living in a nursing home now waiting to die that have Medicaid paying for it. So I guess I’m not sure what the additional cost would be, but not as substantial as many are imagining since it is already taking place in some capacity. I’m thinking maybe the current spend doubles or triples? It’s basically about $75,000 a year for nursing care and the average stay at the end of life is 14 months according to one study I read. So some portion of Sr’s are going to spend roughly 100,000 current day 's to live in a nursing home.

Definitely good with this. I would choose death over a nursing home 9 times out 10.

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If you choose death the first time you aren’t going to be able to on the others…


Assuming you’re asking why it’s not a good idea for the government to run nursing facilities, there are a few reasons. First, it was expensive. The government would have to foot the bill for the facilities, the staff, the supplies, etc. Second, it would be a huge undertaking. The government would have to build or buy the facilities, hire and train the staff, etc. Third, there are already a lot of assisted living properties in California. If the government got into the business of running nursing facilities, it would compete with the private sector and drive up costs for everyone. Finally, it’s unclear whether the government would do a better job than the private sector. The government has a track record of mishandling things, and it’s not clear that it would do any better with nursing facilities than other projects.