Government over reach in Florida?

So the R governor has mandated no mandates. Parse that one and let me know when you stop blinking.

In any case I find it outrageous that a state could outlaw businesses from offering to make their establishment “vaccinated only” or “mask required”. Surely there is a case to be made that the owner of the business has that authority. Maybe a bar, a restaurant, or gym decides there is a market in people that are afraid of COVID, but would spend money if they felt safe… it’s a judgement call, that I think lies with the owner, not the governor.

Anyway, here’s a beauty from the Post.

Ashley Hanna didn’t intend to defy Gov. Ron DeSantis when she offered vaccine-only classes at her yoga studio. But to accommodate clients who were worried about the coronavirus as the delta variant was burning through Florida, she expanded her weekly schedule to include two sessions reserved for people vaccinated against the virus. “We’re a small business, and there are some clients who, if we didn’t have these classes, we would lose them,” said Hanna, who owns Titanium Yoga in Ponte Vedra Beach, south of Jacksonville. “We wanted to give people a choice.”

Spitballing an idea while I wait for coffee to brew:

A business should state “individuals who’ve committed domestic violence or sexual assault are not welcome in this establishment, and anyone found to be present will be forcibly removed from the premises” and dare DeSantis to come out against it.

Seriously. I doubt any state in the union has more residents that have seen the sign “no shoes, no shirt, no service”.