GOP and the Big Lie

And I know that there was already a lot of speculation that this was probably the case (that the camera guy was probably told to stay on Trump). This is just confirming that 1) the speculation was absolutely correct and 2) Trump absolutely knew this.

Why anyone is a member of a political party I have no idea. Just a pawn in someone’s game (of thrones).

Is a high number of party members part of the reason new parties don’t get formed in the US: membership creates loyalty to one party? I appreciate that your high level of party membership is largely a consequence of your primary system but that begs the whole question of the merit of the primary system.

Most other Western democracies have very low party memberships and many more parties to choose from. They don’t have primaries….

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Even if Trump was explicitly told this, I’m not sure he would remember four minutes later. If he bothered to pay attention when he was told.

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Sure, but there were dozens of cameras and he picked the one guy he’d been told couldn’t show the crowd… it was a setup.

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I imagine knowing which camera he should be playing to is exactly the type of thing he would remember.


Yes, he was a TV star for years. Government is not his wheelhouse, but television certainly is. Unscripted television specifically.

AZ indicts a bunch of the former Trump inner circle for attempting to subvert election results. Big names indicted included Giuliani, Meadows, Ellis, Eastman, and Bobb. Strangely they did not name Trump, putting him on the unindicted co-conspirators list.

I saw some news coverage and they focused on the “strangely” part, but I don’t think it is necessarily that strange. You don’t indict based on whether they’re guilty, you indict based on whether you can prove it.

Rudy Giuliani was dodging being served his indictment papers from AZ, tweeted that if he didn’t get served by the next morning then the indictment would have to be dismissed. Then he got served that evening at his 80th birthday party. Guests were mortified at the bad taste of the cops for doing it at the party, but Giuliani kinda forced them to. You can’t make this shit up.

And to show what a quality lawyer he is these days, you can’t actually dodge servers. Eventually the DA gets to go to the judge for permission to post a public notice in the newspaper and that counts as service. All it does is delay things and piss off the judge pre-trial.


You’re calling Trump violent? Well, here’s an actual attempt to have your mother shot to death. Let’s Go Brandon you snowflake libruls!

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“Wah, wah, both sides tase police officers and call the SWAT team for their mothers, wah, wah…”

– some poster around here.

Likely very few will notice this retraction from the makers of 2000 Mules. Anyone that was paying attention knew that crap was fabricated



Guessing getting sued soon.

They are being sued for defamation for featuring a specific election worker and specifically claiming that he was committing a crime of election fraud. He was subsequently investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and cleared of any wrongdoing, then he sued for defamation, so Salem Media released this to try to deflect blame for their defamation.

Turns out even if somebody incorrectly claims something, it’s a bad idea to then loudly defame individuals in a wide-release motion picture.

I assume the Salem Media statement is part of the settlement.

According to a court filing in a related case, Salem settled the lawsuit brought by Andrews for an undisclosed “significant” amount.

It would have been nice if Andrews had specified where they posted the notice. I didn’t see it on the front page of their website.

I had to go to “press” then guess that the press release with the bland title “Salem Media Statement” would be worth opening.

But, it’s possible that Andrews got more money by letting them bury the statement. I won’t say that was the wrong choice.

I’m reminded of a satire article from … The New Yorker? about an interview with Rudy, and one of the lines in it was that his fake dentures clattered together and walked away.