Go Back To The Office For The Benefit Of Downtown Businesses & Workers

Curious about this push from Democrats lately. I have seen NYC’s new mayor make several of these proclamations, but was very interested when Joe Biden brought it up in the SOTU. What are your thoughts on this push and do you think this is a valid argument?

In NYC yes.

Where my office is, no.

“We’re all in this together.”

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What about the benefit of the new workers who are seeing demand as a result of people working from home? If we’re working more efficiently then we’ll see economic growth and more stuff can be produced in total.

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I am of the mind that people should be responsible and accountable for themselves and companies should do the same. If an employee and a company are ok with work from home it’s none of the government at any level’s business. The owners and workers of downtown businesses likewise need to take care of themselves and accept the new status quo.


I’m not sure why it’s necessarily an “all or none” type situation.

Go into the office for 1-3 days each week–or go in one week every 3-5 weeks–and support a near by business during that time.

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Well for one, many have moved. In fact we just hired a really talented worker from an energy company in Houston. He had moved with his wife to Baton Rouge, LA and his employer forced the all. You must come back. We do not have that policy so he is very happy with his new work situation.

I plan to stop by the buggy whip shop, it’s next door to the blacksmith and behind the barrel cooperage when I go downtown to my office.

What is this nonsense being pushed from dems??? I would expect a mayor of a city to say it. The mayor is trying to help their city. But Biden should go back to his basement and eat some ice cream.


Are they pushing it in that they are giving incentives or consequences for not going to an office? If not, it’s just words.

I agree that there’s no help in that situation, nor the situation where the employer says “everyone WFH (unless your home isn’t equipped to WFH adequately)”.

I was intending to refer to those companies that allow the choice for employees.

The little guy? No, it’s for the building owners who want their rent and to keep their asset value high.
GOP’s (especially building owner GOP’s you know the type, RFMO: Republican For Me Only) would just say that outright, but Dems have to be sneaky about it.


I believe in the free market. Adapt or die.

If the government must be involved in prescribing the new normal for work, I’d prefer it to help those who need assistance in adapting, rather than trying to promote the former status quo.


i feel for the people whose livelihoods depend on the physical location that I don’t care to visit anymore. there are ways to help those businesses (and their workers) adapt. But some of it is just…progress of a kind.

As a throwaway line in a speech full of them - I don’t care. If somehow policies are molded to make me return to the physical office, i do care and think that’s stupid.


I think this is a natural byproduct of allowing the government to designate some businesses & activities “non-essential.”


I don’t work in a downtown location nor do I typically leave the office during the day.

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I think many who work in, say, downtown NYC will visit many of these businesses before and/or after going in to work.

Interesting. I’m more likely to stop near home than near work. But again, I don’t work in a downtown area.

When I worked in a downtown environment, I also used mass transit. There were errands that were easier to do downtown at lunch than adding an additional stop on the way home, or going home and then getting into the car.

Shut-in hick.

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I moved back to the city because of how empty it is. Love it.