Giuliani farts during election hearing

Technically, talking is not farting, even though they both seem like a lot of shit.

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There were (tiny) chunks; so he sharted.

Why is it news that he did something that all of us do every day?

I don’t get people’s obsessions with farting. It happens. :woman_shrugging:

It’s a little more impressive when it’s into a microphone in court while you challenge the legitimacy of one of the world’s largest democracies. Honestly the sound of any bodily function into the microphone in court while challenging the legitimacy of a large democracy is more impressive than when done while WFH.

Yeah - it shouldn’t be news (and I’m not entirely sure it is…).

It’s funny, though, which leads to the whole viral video thing.

For those randomly wondering, farts are both a symptom and a vector for covid.

That’s got to be very unpleasant for someone who has his head up his ass

Well . . . he doesn’t believe that his shit stinks . . .

Jenna Ellis has the Rona and people are saying she caught it from the Rudy fart

People, even gassy people, exhale an awful lot more than they fart.

And unlike masks, people (especially attorneys appearing in court) are far more likely to wear underpants and pants correctly. I’m guessing that underpants plus pants is at least as effective at blocking the virus as a mask.

Was Giuliani even wearing a mask while he was talking?

She may well have gotten it from him, but I very much doubt it was from the fart.

Oh, this post popped up on my “new” list but now I see it’s not very new.


The connection to the thread title is only figurative, but, I am glad to see this:

I sincerely hope they bankrupt Giuliani.

the company notes that Mr. Giuliani avoided mentioning Dominion in court, where he could have faced legal ramifications for falsehoods. “Notably, not a single one of the three complaints signed and filed by Giuliani and other attorneys for the Trump Campaign in the Pennsylvania action contained any allegations about Dominion,” the lawsuit says.

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Are they going to go after Trump as well?

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