GH-Specialty Spring 2021

Yeah, I agree. I spent most of my study time memorizing lists. Turns out I didn’t memorize the right lists though! Planning to hit it really hard for this fall so I pass on the 2nd attempt.

I just took the Spring 2020 and Fall 2019 exams.

S20 was total WTF and I thought I was doomed. This sitting looked brutal- it has the lowest pass rate of any spc exam all time. + fun for it being the covid sitting last year.

F19 was way easier imo. I might have actually passed that one.

I was thinking the ASOPs are better in this exam than the previous exams. Every other time, it’s really like wtf?!?! This exam Risk Adjustment and Capital Adequacy seem a bit more reasonable because of the repetition with other material. They’re still annoying to learn though.

This sitting will be tough for me though. Couldn’t get around to learning the Notecards as well as I’d like. Very weak on the math as well :frowning:

cheers’ to the last sunday that we are wasting on this exam (for a while at least).

one of my indicators of exam performance is how much I hate my life leading up to the exam. so this sitting is looking pretty good.

how does everyone feel? I am stressed out.

And what are you planning to do for the last 3 days of studying?

On a personal note, I will go over the 192 flashcards once per day, redo difficult problems I marked and watch TIA video lessons.

The ORSA question on the last sitting gave me cold shivers

I went through old exams today and that didn’t leave me feeling warm and fuzzy. It just reminded of how deep they will dig into the material for a question sometimes and how the way questions are worded sometimes makes it hard to understand what exactly is being asked.

I feel pretty good about my knowledge of the material overall, just hoping I can execute on Thursday.

I’m planning to spend the last few days going over the notecards I’m not 100% on, ASOPs which I’ve barely looked at, and looking at the new readings some more.

That question on NAIC procedures for modifying ORSA guidance was the dumbest question I encountered in my entire exam-taking career. I passed Fall 2020 and I’m still annoyed by it.

I think I got like 95th percentile on the ORSA question and that was definitely the question I was least confident in. That just tells me no one did too great on it. And the percentiles are useless.

this seems like a new method for submitting files:

“The clock will start to run as soon as you click on “Start the Test” and will not stop until you complete the exam or when time runs out. Once exam time has elapsed, a file submission window will open. You will then have 5 minutes to select and upload your files in order to submit them for grading”

+1 for that NAIC ORSA question last fall being one of the dumbest questions ive ever seen.

That’s great. I like that a lot better than having to submit the files during the actual exam. One less thing to worry about.

It would be nice if the files automatically saved once the exam time was over too.

That is much better. I basically cut my time 10 minutes short to make sure I got the file uploaded in time. It’s all I could think about towards the end.

Can I find somewhere a video demonstrating the prometric environment for FSA written exams?

i did the same thing. I cut my time 5 min short to upload.

and then it only took like 30 sec to actually upload. But the fear of an administrative error causing failure is overwhelming in the moment.

It was really my only grievance with the prometric setup. overall I was surprised by how smooth it was. i still failed, but that was my fault.

Im on my final readthrough this morning.

today I am doing a ‘quick’ read of all my section notes. a 5 hour final review at the high level of every topic.

done. brain is 100% saturated with info.

good luck all. see you on the other side.

Actually thought that wasn’t too bad

Which has me worried…

That was too weird, wording was always ambiguous and questions were a bit vague. So it would always make you think you have the right answer.

this is certainly the word for this exam.

I felt the same way but in this case I think that’s a good sign. I thought it was a challenging exam overall so leaving feeling good likely means you did well. I can see a lot of candidates leaving this one feeling very frustrated.