GH-Specialty Fall 2022

I’m a dumb and let my Pricing, Reserving, and Forecasting module expire and now I’d have to start over with ERM. But that’s not a huge deal, it’s taking another monster exam that is probably not a great use of my time (FSA credential wouldn’t make any difference for me at work.)

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A little nervous, but keeping myself busy. Felt the most confident relative to other exams with my study progress and coming out of the exam. And hoping some earlier in the process people took a first time shot before it changes and threw the curve down a little. But with FSA exams nothing is certain.

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Is it confirmed that there’s no way to renew this after it expires? Have you reached out to the SOA?

One more follow up question - are they going to charge you full price of $275 for the new module or just the $50 extension fee?

Also, the T&C’s state:
FSA e-Learning modules access is effective 12 months from the date of purchase. Up to two six-month extensions may be utilized, for a total access period of two years from the original date of purchase of the FSA modules.

If they’re making you pay full price and do a whole new module doesn’t seem fair. They should have a transitional period where they phase out the old module.

I just relooked at the 5pt Excel beast - I am sure there were a variety of answers for that one

Results are up. I passed! 4th time is the charm. I didn’t think I would get emotional, but I cried hugging my wife. It’s been such a long journey getting here!


Failed :frowning:

Not sure about the module situation - I’ll email the SOA to find out if I decide if I’m going to continue with the proess.

Congratulations BruteForce! :tada:
4 times is awful, I’m so glad you got it this time.

Thanks! I can empathize with your fail. Sorry!

Passed also – also 4th attempt


Didn’t pass :frowning: Still in shock not to see my number there.

Sent in my vent email about the 3%, hoping that didn’t make the difference. Expecting to be angrier when I see the percentiles on Monday.

At least the new exam seems a little more relevant and 3 hours could cut down on the variance, but not looking forward to Rosenbloom again as I have no interest in working in Health and Benefits consulting. Maybe it was bad luck to send it back to the company library when I could theoretically need it again.

Passed on my 2nd try! Felt good initially and then slowly got more pessimistic in the weeks since so glad my initial feeling was good. Just DMAC left before FAC


it’s January 17 and the SOA only having March/June FAC planned is absurd. It makes it hard to plan summer vacations or do any time of life planning. Continually blaming COVID for the lack of dates is ridiculous. They’ve managed to set the dates for the various SOA meetings already.