Get drunk on the government?

Allentown PA would be way too far for most of you, and is too far for me for this “benefit”, but an Allentown area police department is looking for volunteers to get drunk in front of police. It’s a training exercise, so that officers can recognize degrees of intoxication.

The article in this morning’s Philadelphia newspaper didn’t specify that the government was paying, but that’s my guess. Downside is that the drinker’s selection may be limited.

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:duh: The Inquirer article did include, as a subhead, “Berks County Police. Drinks are on us.”

If you want to apply,

From that website
" The South Heidelberg Township Police Department is asking for volunteer drinkers for our Police Training held on March 17th and March 18th at the Township building located on 555 Mountain Home Road, Sinking Spring PA, 19608. The volunteer drinkers would consume alcohol so that Police Officers from the SHPD, can participate in training to test and detect signs of impairment. This training provides the Officers the opportunity to learn how to detect impaired individuals in a controlled, safe environment and receive feedback from training staff. The training will directly impact each Officer’s ability to help keep our roadways safe. Alcohol and food will be provided to those selected as volunteers. Further details on the dates, times and volunteer application needed to participate are included below.

SHPD Training - Volunteer Drinker Information

Dates Volunteers Needed:

  • Tuesday, March 17th. Volunteer drinkers would be needed from 3:30 P. M. until complete (may be as late as 8:00 P.M.)
  • Wednesday March 18th . Volunteer drinkers would be needed from 3:30 P. M. until complete (may be as late as 8:00 P.M.)

Training Details:

  • Volunteers must complete the Volunteer Drinker Application and return to Chief Leon Grim at
  • Volunteers will be provided with alcohol and food as part of the training and participate in activities relating to the training of Police Officers as part of this exercise.
  • Volunteers must arrange to have a ride home from the event in order to participate."
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Still too far for me, even with food provided. Or maybe just too far for my wife to go to be a designated driver. I suppose I could ask them if the designated driver gets any of the food.

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Interesting way to celebrate St. Paddy’s day for free! :four_leaf_clover: