Did they get it this time? Is this the start of utopia?

Is automation the start of utopia?

Nope, just the start of more concentrated wealth to those who control the technology. Without socialism, the rich only gets richer, and the poor gets poorer.

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this is free energy. It’s on a totally different level than automation

we’re talking about the elimination of scarcity for our basic needs. Everyone benefits, not just the rich

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free? who controls the technology?

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that’s the lie they tell everyone.

We have more than enough food to feed everyone in the world. Yet even in your FIRST WORLD CITY, someone is probably starving on your block.

No, this does not translate to everyone being better off.
People would rather throw away food than to let the poor get it for free.

Same goes with any product, including energy.

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false. They throw it away because it’s too costly to distribute to them. If you eliminate that cost, you eliminate the obstacle


govts will eventually. As they control anything that’s in the public interest

so energy distribution is free?

government is in the interest of making money too

probably, if they can just figure out a better battery

lol! well they totally suck at it

The price floor is set by the cost of building the reactor, staffing it, and maintaining it. Plus maintaining the grid. There is more to it than that, but that’s a rough price floor.


I read somewhere that the reason they don’t build a giant solar panel in the middle of the Sahara desert is because it’s quite difficult to distribute the energy efficiently.

they’re bad at it on paper. It’s going into private pockets.

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yep. A better battery is the holy grail (after fusion of course)

in the beginning the costs will be huge. But the technology will get more and more efficient until we have Mr. Fusion reactors in every household


That seems like the actual Everest.

I mean, we pretty much have always had fusion (solar).

it’s definitely 2nd place after Mr. Fusion

To actually answer the question though, no. They’ve “kind of” succeeded, but more practically speaking they haven’t succeeded in truly net positive fusion energy.

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