Furnace humidifier drip

So, my furnace has a humidifier. When it’s turned on there’s a constant drip of water going out it’s drain line. This is separate from the condensate line drip when the furnace is running.

From a bit of research it seems like the humidifier should be wired to run only when the furnace runs. But mine is wired to always run, hence the drip.

Anyone else come across something similar? Should the humidifier just always drip?

I’ve got it shut off for now and am running a room humidifier, but the air is a bit drier than I’d like. Running the main humidifier would fix that, but seemingly at the cost of a lot of wasted water.

How about a canteen on the radiator ?


I dunno, if I recall the humidifier should run based on a float for the water leveI. Idon’t recall it being wired to the furnace running.

So check your float. Knowing that in my experience, stupid furnace humidifiers are always leaking and dripping.

Hm, thanks. I’ve been hesitant to take anything apart thus far, but I guess it’ll be necessary to poke at.

The drip probably isn’t that much water, it just seems wasteful.

Prime opportunity for analysis here.

How much water is dripping? My water bill is around $20-$30 or so for 1000 gallons of usage. So if you’re leaking a gallon A DAY, that’s only like $5-$10 of waste a year.

How much would it cost to have someone come look at it? A couple hundred bucks to install a new humidifier would be my guess.

How much would it cost for YOU to fix it? Quantify the amount of stress you would incur. Factor in the risk of causing more damage.

Doing nothing has the risk of something worse happening, like mold growth. Seems like a minimal risk IMO.

IDK, for me this is a “let it go” scenario.

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I have the same setup. Mine drips too when running. The humidifier doesn’t always run when the furnance is running. It can run by itself without the furnance running. However the humidifier is not always running. It does turn off and when it turns off the dripping stops

I pulled mine out when I bought the house and just patched the hole. I dont have time in my life to deal with that level or poor engineering.

also, spraying water into the HVAC? no thanks.

Running a room humidifier is spreading enough humidity to keep the house where I want it so I’ll probably stick with that.