Fun activity

Post your scores (and words, if you want) of your first attempt.

My score was 90.96




Exited out to post my score, so don’t have the scoring page to paste. But I had…

two pairs that were somewhat related as opposed to one word being related to two different words

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I filled it out, hit submit, and… “Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.” :frowning:

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93.87- Disregard, missed the noun constraint :flushed:

Sadly, it wouldn’t accept some of my words (like syzygy) so I had to enter different ones. It did accept the F word (though it didn’t make the summary table).


of calliope sky automobile swimmingly queue rapier
of - 114 75 76 113 87 103
calliope 114 - 90 95 80 99 88
sky 75 90 - 85 97 89 96
automobile 76 95 85 - 105 93 97
swimmingly 113 80 97 105 - 98 91
queue 87 99 89 93 98 - 100
rapier 103 88 96 97 91 100 -


How are “of” or “swimmingly” considered nouns?

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Lol guess I missed the “noun” constraint


I got 89.53, “higher than 95.79% of people who have completed this task”.

Quite fun. My highest score was “participle/penguin”, which was good for 101. Lowest was “quasar/molecule”, at 71.


103 for actuary/bicycle
65 for potato/pigeon


looks like I’m lowest so far.

pickle/evolution was 100, my highest scoring
anger/attention was 54, my lowest

84.72, higher than 84.29% of the people who have completed this task

I’m starting to think that everyone is above average.

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Cannibal/integrity was my least correlated combo (107).

Individualism/futurism was my most (59).

Biased sample. Actuaries are generally well above average.

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Lowest was orange/hamster at 77. I wonder if the color orange is skewing how close these words are, because I don’t think about oranges and hamsters in the same sentence. Wait, do hamsters eat oranges???

Highest was orange/statistician at 110

And very divergent.

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Best was printer and cougar at 98.
Slipper was my worst word with 79 for elbow and slipper, 81 for slipper and bookcase, 81 for slipper and printer. Not sure I get the associations there.

Had I known it only accepted the first seven words ahead of time I may have reordered them.

Bunny and moon appear quite related, so are tea and mail. Maybe people are getting their tea mailed. Bunny and moon - I guess both are natural things? And tea is related to bunny too.

Oh - 89.59 final score.

I think there’s opportunity for a flaw here since orange is also a color, so while you were forced to choose a noun, i’m not convinced they were able to eliminate it as an adjective in whatever algorithm they used to determine correlation.

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