Free drugs in prison

Just had a bombshell. Why not provide unlimited recreational drugs to prisoners? It would be optional of course. Putting someone in a cage is cruel. At least let ‘em self medicate. Great idea or what?

Great idea. Drugs are too expensive where I live. What’s the minimum crime I need to commit to get sent to prison?


Medicate for what? If they’re going through withdrawal, they already do get drugs so they don’t die.

For pleasure? Why not give them foie gras while you’re at it?

sounds like u want them to suffer

Nah. Suffering sucks.

I have a better solution.

They can choose between going to prison, or choose a pill that will either release them immediately, or a chance that’ll sedate them and then consequently euthanized painlessly without their knowing.

The probability of death is sentence/expected remaining life

let’s not introduce math into this. Just lotsa free heroin. And call it what it is: humane euthanasia

u don’t even need to commit a crime. u can just volunteer yourself to go to prison. If u don’t want to be a productive member of society, u don’t have to

I’m up for anything humane.

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and they can use the drugs confiscated in drug busts. Makes perfect economic sense

what if drugs are legal?

we don’t want it near schools.

speak for yourself.