attacks CNN

I would guess they throw barbs at each other sometimes on the cable networks, but I don’t remember the networks going at each other on their websites before.

Google news fairly regularly shows me Fox News headlines complaining about the coverage on CNN. CNN bashes Fox News on their website as well, but not quite as often (at least judging from my news feed, I don’t visit either site)


This is my thought as well. The primetime shows jab the other networks, but fox’s prime time lineup seems almost 100% dedicated to trying to criticize anything loosely associated with “liberals”. This carries over across the fox news writers.

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MSNBC, Vox, etc. watches a lot of liberal news, I guess to get the news that their own network won’t show.

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Use the search button in the upper right hand corner. “CNN” has lots of hits.

Not Fox, but an attack on CNN

I think CNN in general is absolute tabloid-level trash (Fox is easily-arguably worse), but can someone help me out (because I really don’t feel like clicking through to Foxnews-dot-com) - can someone help me understand this “attack?” Why would it be wrong to embrace the guilty verdict, delivered by a jury of peers, of a man who was filmed kneeling on top of a man’s neck until he died?

I don’t get it. Are we not supposed to celebrate justice ever?



Seems like a pretty good example of the required outrage over anything “liberal”.

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Fox news is having a hard time hiding their colors on this one…

Tucker and Hannity this week have pretty much been saying “if cops cant kill poor black people, then what are we even doing here?!”

their summer coverage of the riots was borderline pro-genocide.

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I think that one of the challenges here has been a failure to differentiate between (unfortunate consequences arising from police attempting to do the ugly, but arguably necessary parts of their jobs) and (police having gone off the rails).

The line between the two can be difficult to discern, especially when those doing the discernment are armchair/Facebook quarterbacks.

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This just popped up in my “suggested” items.

My thought is that yes, WE are supposed to celebrate justice.

Outlets purporting to be news, however, should strive to be more objective. Tell us what happened and let us decide what to think. Even if the answer is crazy obvious to any reasonable person.

Unfortunately, objective news seems to be a thing of the past.


Constantly attacking the CNN is the main way that Fox convinces its dupes that they are being let in on a secret truth. Trump took this brainwashing technique to a high-art with his use of “Fake News MSM”. The belief that the News is always full of lies is central to his cult following-- in particular it allows him (and Fox) to lie with impunity.

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