FOF Friday

It’s Filet-O-Fish Friday. U rdy?

I’m having oatmeal

It was in 1962 that Lou Groen performed the greatest of his miracles.

Given a pile of cellulose by Ray Croc, Lou had the impossible task of feeding millions of irate customers who could not eat meat at McDonald’s on Friday. Yet with only mountains of indigestible cellulose, all-odds seemed against him. He then took the cellulose and proclaimed, “Let there be fish! Let there be two buns plus mysterious white sauce!”

And thus he begot the Filet-O-Fish sandwich and the millions of customers were sated.

:bump: Getting close to Lent . . . sort of

stares at thread title

Fresh Outta F***s Friday was my best guess.

I had F Off Friday but wasn’t sure if OP says ATM Machine or not.

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