First post on the defunct AO - relevant decades later

I thought I did the first post on the original AO, and maybe I did but it got wiped. I just had a look on the old forum for the first post, and here it is, from Traci:

Please let me know what you think of this forum software.

Wise words, still relevant almost 20 years later.

And the second post was:

Traci, this site is cool. How often will it get backed up?

Which reminds me, when we turned the forum back on, I didn’t put it back into the backup rotation. Will put a ticket in for that right now.


I am only pulling my own posts/threads for backup. Plan on reposting some of my material later.

I don’t think I have anything important worth preserving, ha.

Me neither

The AO isn’t loading for me using the IP on the computer or the phone. Is it done, or is the problem on my side?

Same here.
Guess we’re stuck with this dank, urine-infested hellhole.

Yep. It’s toast.

The only thing I really miss about the old AO is the messages from the people now dead.

I really miss Brad Gile, JMO, and Jeremy Gold.