Filing question

I am new to signing filings and got my first objection today because I am in the reporting period and the state suggested I am not qualified.

I have the CE to attest, so I did, but is this a thing? Do I need to attest now on day one of the reporting period, or else not sign required filings?

what state is this


that is weird. Never encountered this objection in my life, didn’t even know they checked for qualification.

Maybe it’s something specific to your LOB?

So the exact wording was, “While we recognize that there is an extended period for actuarial attestations, the online Actuarial Directory is our primary source for checking current qualification. When it does not say “Compliant” for the current year, we need additional information regarding the qualification of the signing actuary. Please demonstrate that NerdAlert currently meets the requirements for 2022 as a qualified actuary.”

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: no wonder it takes 2 years to get a filing approved in WA.

Who uses the Actuarial Directory…

I just searched my name and all it says is FCAS MAAA. I don’t see any mentioning of being compliant.

So I don’t think it has anything to do with your CE. You just need to prove that you’re an actuary. Does your name not say whatever you are in the directory?

Unless they’re able to see more from the directory.

The Actuarial Directory lists compliant / non-compliant for everyone, or at least, I’ve never seen a credentialed actuary that didn’t have it listed.

But they run on a calendar year basis. So if NerdAlert isn’t compliant for 2020-2021 then she shouldn’t be signing stuff using her letters as that’s all that’s required for 2022. If they’re whining that she’s not yet compliant for 2021-2022 then they need to take a chill pill as she’s still got five-plus weeks.

ETA: I updated based on the exact wording on the listing.

Hmm. So shows an SOA CPD attestation status. This is an SOA website, so I assume the SOA is populating that automatically.

It doesn’t show my CAS attestation status. (Can’t remember which credential you have.) To find that, you need to use the CAS directory: Find an Actuary | Casualty Actuarial Society

Couldn’t they use the Academy lookup instead, since everyone who signs filings needs to be MAAA? Or is that not reliable either?

I provided documentation that I was, in fact, a qualified actuary. We’ll see what they say, or if I need to re-file.

+1. twig is wrong

must be an SOA thing

this is unlikely.

Are you meeting the AAA criteria to practice in the US? If so, that surprises me, but I don’t know where they get their info.

Yes, but as I mentioned, is run by the SOA. They probably don’t get the CE status for CAS designees. The site specifically says “SOA CPD attestation status”.

I don’t believe the AAA requires an attestation. Attestation is not part of the USQS, just compliance.

ETA: Does the AAA even have a directory? I found a “Terms of Use” page, but no actual directory.

There’s a member search option on the Academy page. I looked up a colleague who used to be MAAA, and then didn’t renew this year, and he’s not on it, so it appears to be maintained.

This is my first year being an MAAA so I don’t really know what goes into renewing it; is it just a matter of paying the dues and that’s it? I guess that’s less stringent/monitored than I was expecting.

pretty much. just renewed for next year!

Well, interesting. I hope they’re satisfied with my updated attestation, because I’m not sure how else to “prove” I’m qualified if they don’t accept my FSA and MAAA. Might need to call the ABCD.

From your annual attestation TO the SOA. This is literally the attestation that you meet the SOA CE qualification requirements. IMO it is dumb for WA state to use this because it is not necessarily an attestation that you meet the USQS.


Never understood why anyone would want to do a filing. You might as well be scratching a chalkboard it’s all the same to me.

money is money

easy, brainless work. get paid lots of $$.

That’s a good point. I always attest that I have met the SOA CE requirements via the USQS, but they can’t tell that from looking me up, they’d need me to send my attestation status directly to them to know that. I could be SOA compliant but not be MAAA qualified.

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