Fall 2020 Exam 7 Sitting

Us humans are hoping for a six lol :).

Seriously - you are really impressive.

You should feel bad for him, think of all the exam threads he’ll miss out on after being done!


Agreed act_123. A 6 is all I’m asking for.

2018’s exam 7 and 8 are the only ones where I’ve thought the algebra is excessive. Being able to do algebra is part of being an actuary. None of the questions in 7 or 9 this sitting had unnecessary algebra imo.

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I liked Rising Fellow for 7 and 8, haven’t tried Cyrstal Clear before. Did hear the source for 9 was good and with no results yet I’ve been slowly making my way through that for now…

RF at least for 7 definitely felt like something that just tries to teach you the formulas and go just as deep as required to pass

Yeah RF is not as good for 9.

TIA has good summaries but doesn’t go in depth. If you are smart and really good at tests you can pass with just TIA.

I have read through the syllabus, RF, TIA, and CC. I think CC adds the most value and then RF second. RF is really good at getting some of the harder processes down.

It’s just most of the questions are straightforward and the exam is not like that now.

VA just made a post on CAS General for all of this discussion; might be a good idea to move that over there?

Does anyone know anyone who took Exam 8 last sitting?

As in Fall 2019? I did.

Yep, same here.

Thoughts on the degree of difficulty?

Tough to remember a lot of specifics to be honest. I did pretty well on it although I was quite interested in the content and tend to not get too tripped up with the tricky questions. I had a buddy I study with sometimes who didn’t pass and he knew a lot more of the fringe stuff than I did so I was surprised at that, but I think he got tripped up on some of the questions asked in novel ways.

It was in line with the 2018 sitting, which was much harder than 2017 and prior. It definitely had some new questions that asked the material in different ways that required a deeper understanding. I thought it was a well made exam for the most part, and I ended up getting an 8.

Lol. Sorry. I meant 2020. I was about to ask how they got results already.

PS: amp, you’re a beast :raised_hands:

The wait continues. One thing the CAS would be successful at is running a reality show. They sure know how to keep people in suspense.

My apologies if things now seem to be discombobulated. I’ve been trying to move a side conversation that should be its own thread, but moving large blocks at a time (and finding a chunk within that large block should be back here.

Thanks for your patience as we try to learn our powers more effectively and efficiently.

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