Facebook Stock Sinks

Facebook stock down 27% overnight losing $200B in value. I believe that is close to the record loss by one company in a day. Losing $10B on the Metaverse project would do that. Now the time to buy in?

Years ago was?

I’ve got all the FB exposure I need in my index funds.

I’m kind of surprised FB didn’t die out 2 years after founding like all the other social media companies

I don’t know anyone that still uses FB. But insta is owned by FB and that’s where all the new kids are at.

I said this at work a couple months ago and the parents of teenagers told me insta isn’t cool anymore either.

And in much of the world, WhatsAppp is the preferred messaging application.

I read the thread title as Facebook Stock Stinks

I am a big FB fan, I am just sad that fewer and fewer of my friends actively post their pictures and thoughts

Everyone is becoming more private about their private life and understandably so. I partially blame cancel culture and people being able to dig up your old posts/pictures from 10 years ago to hassle you

Also the metaverse is doomed


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