Facebook sharing question

Political, since it involves sharing of a Lincoln Project ad I liked. Anti-Trump / pro-Biden of course.

I chose “Share” and then was surprised at the options I got. They included
“Share Now (Friends)”
“Share to Your Story (Friends)”
and not
“Share to News Feed”.

I don’t recall ever seeing “Share to Your Story (Friends)” before, and thought I had always used “Share to News Feed” and been OK with that result, which I think makes it available only to Friends anyway. I thought maybe they had changed their term, so I chose it.

Then I went to look for My Story, and can’t find it. Also went back to the original screen, saw that I could also choose “More Options”. I took that, got “Share to News Feed”, and did it.

So my main question now is what “Share to Your Story (Friends)” does? And secondarily, what does “Share Now (Friends)” do?

If you go to your messenger, you’ll see a bunch of “stories” at the top. These usually are short video clips that your friends would post, but they can also just be a “post” or image.

Thanks. I deleted it from there, thinking just in news feed was plenty.

I’ve never figured out the purpose of the “story” thing. To me it’s just some annoying crap that shows up at the top of the page.

:iatp: If I had known that is what “My Story” was, I wouldn’t have shared there.

The “Share Now” will be set to the last audience you shared to. If you want to change the audience you can use “Write Post” and you can then write something and change the audience/security level.

Sorry, I cannot help you, unless you need help closing your Facebook Account

And, I cannot help with that either.

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I fixed your post.

the only point i see to a story rather than the newsfeed is if you really wanna know who viewed it. It keeps track and shows you. also, the story disappears after a day or so, whereas stuff in the newsfeed does not.

:qunq: disappears :qunq:

New sharing question (not political, but the forum software suggested I should consider posting here rather than starting a new thread.

Screen Shot 2022-05-02 at 4.53.23 PM

Now, even though 3 for Mary Pat Campbell was a fine result on that Wordle (314), hers is not the post I want to share. I do know how I could share hers, since it has the “Share” icon at the bottom.

The post I actually want to share does not have that icon, just “Like” and “Comment”. WTF? Does that mean the OP of the post I want to share had privacy setting that make his post unshareable?

Since I want to share it with only one person, by Messenger, I think I could screen shot it and then send the screen shot by Messenger, if necessary.