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I seem to be able to change other people’s thread titles.

In a thread not started by me, there’s a big pencil by the thread title. I clicked it. It allowed me to change the title.

Here’s an example of my shenanigans:

That seems…like a dangerous feature to have.

changed ur thread title

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The software has a heavy bent towards community moderation. The higher trust levels have almost mod-level permission particularly on new posters. So yeah, you can move stuff around and rename it if you’re trust level 3.

Here’s the full list of permissions:


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And it seems to me that abuse of this particular ability is a quick way to get busted down a trust level.

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yeah, i have more concerns about how only 2 people “reporting a post” or whatever it is, hides the post. I could see people over using that feature rather than the edit post title feature.

I got what I thought was an infraction or something, but it turned out, if at least 2 people report your post, it gets hidden and you get notification of this automatically. you have the ability to edit it to be nicer, but i thought my post was fine in the first place, so I left it. Does a mod unhide it if it’s deemed okay or does it stay hidden? Seems like that’s more prone to abuse or people being extremely sensitive and hitting the button on lots of minor stuff.

actually, I said that wrong. I’m unsure how many people need to flag a post to get it hidden, just that mine was flagged and it was hidden and I got a bot message telling me that.

In an effort to improve overall civility on this platform, some posts that are viewed as being insulting or outright rude might get flagged for moderation consideration. The moderators are still learning some of the many features on this platform, so some initial actions may result in a post being hidden while a discussion is had around both the post itself as well was the general process of how to deal with post that are uncivil or could have the appearance of being uncivil.

I hope that no one takes some of these early actions personally.

Bonus points (because there’s no more AO $) to whoever created the phonetic title.

lol at the phonetic thread title.



I’m proposing GoA$.

GoA€ <-- (Alt+0128)

Well, if we go that route, you may need to trademark it…

GoA€™ <-- (Alt+0153)

or we could go with
…since I seem to be putting on a lot of pounds recently.

Hukt on foniks wurkt for me!

Your wrong.

I like GoA£ because it reads as GOAL! :laughing: