Equifax Settlement Claim

What are you spending your settlement money on?


I bought some soup broth bullion cubes. Livin large!


In case anyone needs ideas or they already have broth bullion cubes:


Wait you got almost $7?? I only got $5-something.

Women only get 83% of what men get, maybe? :ducks:


Yeh I think I got like $5.50ish, just am happy that all my info was probably leaked.


Just got a check in the mail for over $20. I guess the hackers got a copy of my fingerprints too

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I guess you must have a cool identity that everybody wants

Got a $17 check in the mail today. Party on!

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Why did I get $5.15 and some of you got more?

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My husband and I both received $5.21 each.

$5.21 here as well. I forget the details of the settlement, but there may have been provisions for if you spent more than X number of hours or dollars dealing with possible identity theft as a result of the breach.

Should we start a thread for all settlements or does that already exist? I recently got an email about the Plaid settlement, which I had forgotten I applied for. I’m getting $30 something for that one. There are a few other cases I’m waiting out too.

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You’re halfway to a Sweetgreen salad!